WebEx Social Unified Post

WebEx Social Unified Post

Simple, Powerful Group Collaboration

WebEx Social Unified Post is designed to facilitate project work, group discussions, and collaborative editing. Unified Post is as easy to use as email or a corporate wiki, but is a far more powerful and flexible tool for publishing and sharing information. Publish once and make the content accessible for selected individuals, groups, or the entire organization.

Get Collaboration Out of Email

With Unified Post, you can reduce redundancies and collaborate more efficiently:

  • Create a single instance of content and share with individuals or across communities
  • Enable multiple people to work simultaneously on a post or an attachment
  • Automatically track versions and contributions by individuals
  • View and submit comments in one place
  • Maintain project history in a centralized location

Share Video and Other Rich Content

  • Share embedded video clips with one-click playback
  • Add images, links, tables and more in your post
  • Save time with built-in templates
  • Attach large files in any format

Maintain Control Over Your Posts

Granular permissions built into Unified Post give the author control over who can see and act on a post. You can:

  • Choose whether recipients can comment on, forward, or assign permissions to a post
  • See recent updates, including who has viewed or edited a post
  • Send email notifications when a post has been created or updated
  • Tag posts for easy search