WebEx Social Technology Benefits

WebEx Social Technology Benefits

The Platform for Business Transformation

WebEx Social is an enterprise collaboration platform that encompasses social networking, real-time communications, content management, and business process capabilities.

Align IT Initiatives with Business Goals

Available both as an on-premises or cloud-based solution, WebEx Social provides deployment flexibility to fit your short and long-term IT needs.

IT is increasingly accountable for delivering technology initiatives that support business goals. WebEx Social plays a vital role in helping to enable business transformation by improving the way employees collaborate and communicate. WebEx Social can:

  • Break down departmental and informational silos
  • Capture employee-generated knowledge and scale it across the organization
  • Improve productivity through new, more efficient work models

Simplify IT Infrastructure

At the same time, WebEx Social can also reduce collaboration infrastructure cost and complexity. It can:

  • Lower licensing, support, and maintenance costs by reducing multiple point solutions
  • Reduce data replication, email storage, and backup costs by moving collaboration out of email
  • Deliver a consistent, optimized experience to tablets and mobile devices

Protect and Extend Existing IT Investments

Take greater advantage of your existing collaboration investments through WebEx Social pre-built integrations and open framework.

  • Pre-built integrations include:
    • Cisco Unified Communications (voice, video, IM/Presence), WebEx web conferencing, and WebEx Messenger
    • Microsoft Office Communications Software (OCS), and IBM Sametime IM/Presence
    • Microsoft SharePoint 2007, SharePoint 2010, and EMC Documentum
  • Standards-based interoperability includes:
    • WebEx Social SDK
    • Content management interoperability services (CMIS)-compliant content management systems
    • JSR168, JSR286, and OpenSocial gadgets
    • Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) and Bidirectional Streams over Synchronous HTTP (BOSH) extension

Enforce Secure and Compliant Social Collaboration

  • Secure sensitive data through granular roles-based policy management
  • Apply security permissions at the content level to each post, page, and community
  • Integrate with third-party compliance systems using the WebEx Social compliance application programming interface