Cisco WebEx Social Enterprise Social Networking

WebEx Social Enterprise Social Networking

Connect to People and Knowledge

Get work done more quickly by using WebEx Social to locate the right people and resources. Crowd-source answers to specific questions using WebEx Social Expert Q&A. View the social graph to better understand connections between people and information.

Form Dynamic Communities for Group Collaboration

Instantly form virtual communities and invite members to join. You can also use policy settings to create hidden, restricted, or open communities. Customize your community dashboard by adding a community profile, business applications, posts, and discussion forums.

Find Experts and Content

Quickly find relevant people, experts, communities, and content through the WebEx Social search function.

Share Your Profile and Expertise with Others

Display contact information such as name, title, presence, phone numbers, email address, reporting structure, and other attributes synchronized with a Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)-compliant directory. Share your expertise, activities, interests, communities, posts, and followers with others.

Personalize Your User Experience

Customize page views and add approved applications and tools, such as visual voicemail, RSS, OpenSocial gadgets, and other Java Portlet Specification 1.0 (JSR168) and Java Portlet Specification v2.0 (JSR286) portlets.

Use the Watch List to monitor important activities, such as posts shared with you or comments to your posts. Get personalized suggestions for people to follow, communities to join, and posts to read.