Cisco TelePresence Meeting Solution

Cisco TelePresence Technology Deployed by IBM

Cisco TelePresence Technology Deployed by IBM

With rising costs, tighter budgets, heightened concerns about work-life balance and environmental issues, many successful businesses are effectively using Cisco TelePresence deployed by IBM to reduce costs, increase competitiveness, lower operational risks, and support environmental initiatives such as reducing CO2 emissions. This versatile technology creates an immersive, face-to-face experience by integrating advanced audio, ultra-high-definition video and high bandwidth with collaboration tools, and is as easy as placing a phone call. Users collaborate face to face, just as if they were in the same room. Imagery is so crisp it captures the subtleties of body language, eye contact, detailed objects and handwriting.


  • Provide real-time, life-like, high-definition video communications across multiple locations
  • Communicate effectively without the cost, time, lost productivity and fatigue of travel
  • Contribute to corporate green initiatives and social responsibility by reducing business travel
  • Accelerate decision-making and enhance productivity by connecting decision makers with subject matter experts
  • Transform business processes and relationships with enhanced collaboration
  • Take advantage of IBM’s expertise and global reach to implement a robust and reliable Cisco TelePresence solution that drives business results

Open the door to significant cost reductions, enhanced productivity, and improvements in customer service - benefits that can help you reinvent your business and differentiate your organization. Contact your IBM or Cisco representative to schedule a Cisco TelePresence demonstration.