Public Safety Solutions from IBM and Cisco

Public Safety Solutions from IBM and Cisco

Cisco and IBM are acknowledged industry leaders in public safety. Both companies have histories of firsthand experience with first responders during multiple disasters, and together the two companies have combined experience helping in more than 70 catastrophic events in nearly 50 countries. Each is a market leader in their respective product and service categories. As a combined unit, they can deliver proven solutions that contribute to protecting citizens and property, saving lives, and putting cities back together in the wake of natural disasters.

The heart of the integrated IBM and Cisco Public Safety Solution is IBMís Intelligent Operations Center, an expandable platform for operational insight designed to help municipalities gain a comprehensive overview of public safety-related resources and systems. The center integrates best-of-breed solutions from IBM's software portfolio, improving coordination of equipment and personnel and accelerating communication among multiple city agencies. That cutting-edge platform is coupled with a Cisco intelligent information network, a family of market-leading architectures designed to deliver information, intelligence, and insight.

The result is that information, video, access control, and sensors work together to increase real-time situation awareness. Every available data source is integrated into a coherent common-operating picture, and response is initiated and accelerated through interoperable collaboration and notification technologies.


  • Strategic information to help make better public safety decisions, anticipate problems, and coordinate resources for more rapid and cost-effective response
  • Real-time situational awareness through advanced, integrated voice, video, and data collaboration, analytics, and asset-management tools
  • Crucial performance indicators to help identify trends, fine-tune use of resources, and more closely track spending
  • Detection, assessment, and response integrated into a holistic public safety function for municipalities, with the potential to reduce risk, consolidate programs, and avoid waste

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