Data Center Networking

Data Center Networking

Cisco offers a comprehensive portfolio of storage networking products that includes directors, fabric switches, IP storage routers, and metro-optical networking solutions. IBM and Cisco can deliver end-to-end storage networking solutions when combined with:

  • IBM System Storage disk and tape storage
  • IBM Power Systems, System x or System z servers
  • Planning, design, and implementation services from IBM Global Services

Cisco MDS 9000 Series for IBM System Storage switches and IBM SAN Volume Controller (SVC) software help organizations more securely "virtualize" storage, anywhere in the storage network. IBM and Cisco can design intelligent, highly-available storage networking solutions, whether your business needs cost-effective storage networking solutions for your:

  • Enterprise data center
  • Department or workgroup
  • Small or medium-size business
  • High-performance business continuance implementations

Whatever your requirements are, IBM and Cisco solutions can meet them. Including a focus on the following areas:

Integrated Storage Networking Intelligence

Get the scalability, performance, security, and manageability required to progress from discrete SAN silos to interconnected SANs.

Cisco MDS 9000 Series for IBM System Storage Switches

This is qualified with the IBM System Storage disk and tape and IBM Power Systems, System x, and System z servers.

IBM SAN Volume Controller (SVC)

SVC is integrated with the Cisco MDS 9000 Series providing network-based virtualization, point-in-time copy, and replication.


Planning, design, and implementation services are provided by IBM Global Services and IBM business partners.