Healthcare Solutions from IBM and Cisco

Healthcare Solutions from IBM and Cisco

When it comes to comprehensive solutions for improving both the technical and business components of the healthcare industry, IBM and Cisco are specialists - acknowledged leaders in information and network technology. Each is a market leader in their respective product and service categories, and in combination offer exceptional synergy in the delivery of smart healthcare solutions.

Smart healthcare is a holistic approach that integrates the best of IBM and Cisco technologies to remove information barriers so data can be analyzed and shared in real time. Smart healthcare is about forging time- and cost-saving collaborative partnerships among doctors, administrators, insurers, and healthcare institutions. It is about integrating communications into a single, consolidated infrastructure, and giving communities and individuals the tools and knowledge they need to make more informed preventive care choices.

One comprehensive system integrates real-time voice and video, clinical collaboration, patient and asset tracking, instant availability of electronic medical records and nurse call information. This permits hospitals and healthcare professionals to spend more time with patients and less time on administrative tasks.

The result is a 21st-century digital hospital - a fine-tuned healthcare delivery system powered by a Cisco Medical-Grade Network that can significantly improve operational efficiency, optimize collaboration, and lead to better patient care and outcomes.


  • A Cisco Borderless Network that provides essential information to doctors and staff wirelessly and in real time, using any device, anywhere
  • One system that integrates voice and video, clinical collaboration, patient asset tracking, and instant access to medical data
  • IP video links to specialists and primary care physicians for more cost-effective remote consultations, diagnoses, and chronic disease management

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