TelePresence Video Advanced Plus ATP Demonstration Equipment

Demonstration Requirement

The Cisco TelePresence Video Advanced Plus Authorized Technology Provider (ATP) Program requires that demonstration equipment is to be used solely by the ATP partner for TelePresence Video products and solutions for:

  • Support
  • User training
  • Customer proof-of-concept
  • Demonstration purposes
  • Support of customer engagements

ATP partners must also be familiar with their local or remote Cisco TelePresence Video facilities and be able to demonstrate the ability to support a customer engagement when deploying Cisco TelePresence Video products and services.

ATP partners may purchase or lease this equipment direct from Cisco at the partner's discount set forth in the partner's direct or indirect Reseller Agreement with Cisco or at other pricing as may be offered by Cisco.

ATP partners may apply any equipment leased or purchased from TANDBERG as part of the enVision Partner Program agreement toward meeting the demonstration equipment requirements set forth in the Cisco TelePresence Video Advanced Plus ATP Program Requirements document.

Cisco requires a valid support contract to be maintained for all demonstration equipment providing partner level access (level 3) to, Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC), and other Cisco support resources. Cisco also highly recommends that partners consistently upgrade software to ensure that they can demonstrate the latest capabilities of the products and solutions.

TelePresence Video Advanced Plus ATP demonstration equipment should not be used for resale or in customer production deployments.

ATP partners must be able to demonstrate endpoint and AV integration TelePresence Video solutions. After building out infrastructure capabilities in two Host ATP locations, additional ATP Host locations for the same partner may use the central infrastructure at the other two locations as long as they can demonstrate the features and functionalities of the products below. Cisco TelePresence Video Advanced Plus Partners must have at least one endpoint locally for demonstration purposes.

Demonstration Equipment


Immersive (Choose One)


Choose One from any category




Call Control (Must Have)

Cisco Unified Communications Manager1 (S/W & Hardware)

Multipoint (Choose One)

Cisco TelePresence Multipoint Switch (CTMS)
Cisco TelePresence Server 7010 (preferred)
Cisco TelePresence MSE8000 Chassis + 8710 Blade(s) (preferred)

1Minimum 8.6.2 version is required for this product

* The CTS 1300 is for partners that have no current demonstration equipment in the CTS 1xxx series product line. If partners have already invested in a CTS 1xxx series product, the existing investment will be acknowledged for this requirement.

** For partners that have already invested in the legacy TANDBERG T1 that investment will be acknowledged as an equivalent to the Codec C90. In addition, the CTS 3000 / CTS T3 will be acknowledged as an equivalent to the Profile C-Series or CTS 1xxx Series solution.

Cisco highly recommends partners include Essential Operate for TelePresence to ensure support of their demonstration equipment, and as well are consistently upgrading software to ensure they are able to demonstration the latest capabilities the products and solutions are able to offer.

Refer to the TelePresence Partner Portal for the most current version of the Cisco TelePresence Video Advanced Plus ATP Demonstration Program and for a detailed list of demonstration equipment.