Cisco Capital offers customized approached financing solutions, tailor-made to each Service Provider and their end-customers requirements. The intimate knowledge of Cisco products and its remarketing strengths enable us to provide the highest residual savings in the industry, thereby driving down deployment cost considerably.

Being an integral part of Cisco means that Cisco Capital's objectives are to facilitate the adoption of Cisco solutions and technology platforms. Cisco Capital will therefore encourage and facilitate technology refresh and upgrades to the latest technology, which significantly enhances the value of a managed-service offering.

Why is financing critical for the SP?

When evaluating opportunities for managed-service solutions, the following key considerations typically come to mind.

Directly related to finance:

  • Overcoming CAPEX constraint
  • Managing cash flow and improving ROI
  • Accelerating revenue recognition
  • Maintaining off-balance-sheet treatment

Related to technology and market requirements, but can be impacted by the financing solution:

  • Improving competitiveness of end-customer's pricing
  • Maintaining network flexibility with technology refresh and up grade options
  • Offloading equipment pool management with easier equipment disposal or re-deployment
  • Maximizing potential of end-customer contract renewal with flexible terms

More information about Cisco Capital's solutions for Service providers can be found here

Please contact your local Cisco Capital account manager to know more about Service Provider financing options in your country