Fall 2011
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Borderless Classrooms: Five Ways Video Enhances Learning
Students, teachers, and guest experts no longer need to be in the same place for learning to take place. Instead, schools are using video and collaboration software to create borderless classrooms open to anyone in the world by invitation.   More

Virtual Desktops: Cut Costs While Knocking Down Classroom Borders
Your desktop used to mean the icons on your computer screen, representing applications and files stored on your hard drive. Now, though your desktop may look the same, those applications and files may be stored miles away, in the district's data center. More

Beyond the Virtualized Data Center

Dependable Wi-Fi for Today's Borderless Classrooms
When Wi-Fi was considered a school luxury, an occasional dropped connection wasn't much of a problem. Now Wi-Fi has to be dependable to support borderless classrooms stretching to the cafeteria for collaborative team work, the pool for live blogging during a swim meet, and the front lawn for a photosynthesis experiment. More

Mooresville's "Digital Conversion" Puts Kids First
North Carolina district-wide school success story flows from a student-centric approach, enabled by new technology. More

Pro Football Hall of Fame Engages Students through TelePresence

Oak Hill Schools Provide Students with Unlimited Computer Access

Morgan County Schools Deploy Virtual Desktop Network
Morgan County School System, Georgia

How Cloud Computing is Revolutionizing Education

Serious Games, Self-Assessments and More: Learning@Cisco Introduces New Technical Education Products

Is the Internet a Fundamental Human Necessity? Cisco Study Reveals One in Three Students Cite the Internet as Important as Air, Water, Food and Shelter

Cisco Webcast: Wireless Solutions for K-12
Wednesday, Sept 28,
12 noon Pacific / 3 pm Eastern

Join our live webcast to hear Thuan Nguyen, CIO of Kent School District in Washington state, and Mark Hamilton, Cisco Wireless Product Specialist, discuss the latest technologies and best practices for deploying a high speed wireless network in a K-12 school district. Register now

Cisco TelePresence Showcase
The Cisco TelePresence Showcase, now in its 3rd tour of the United States, could be coming to a city near you! Talk to the experts and see how video communications can innovate 21st Century Learning Click here to see dates and locations. Learn more.

LACUE (Louisiana Association of Computer Using Educators)
10/15/2011 in Lake Charles
Learn more

South Carolina Ed Tech
10/26 - 10/28 in Myrtle Beach
Learn more

11/2 - 11/4 in Atlanta
Learn more

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Cisco Cius Tablet: Thin Client for Virtual Experience Infrastructure

Cisco WebEx Meeting Center: Create Borderless Classrooms

Cisco CleanAir Technology: Improve Wi-Fi Performance and Security

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