Summer 2012
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Seven Ways to Enrich Learning and Simplify Administration with Cisco Jabber
A single application, Cisco Jabber®, adds video, instant messaging, group chat, and visual voicemail to any PC, Mac, or iPad. Learn how schools are using Jabber to engage students and increase administrative efficiency.


Flipped Classroom: Assign Lectures for Homework, Use Class Time for Dialogue
For students who grew up with video and social networking, going to class and passively listening to lectures can feel like going back in time. In the flipped classroom, students can come to class already having viewed the lecture, and ready to deepen their learning.


The Impact of Broadcast and Streaming Video in Education: Executive Summary
Schools are adopting video to engage learners, improve learning outcomes, and impart 21st century skills. Cisco commissioned Wainhouse Research to report on the drivers, barriers, and success factors for adopting video in education.

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Cisco's VNI Forecast Projects the Internet Will Be Four Times as Large in Four Years. Read More

BYOD and Virtualization: Top 10 Insights from Cisco IBSG Horizons Study
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STEM Education Technology Trends: Evolving Classrooms

Video in K-12 Education

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