Spring 2012
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Cutting Government Costs: Collaborating Over the Network Saves Money in Five Ways
Unified communications and collaboration tools can lower government operational costs from day one. And governments save even more by enabling the same-size workforce to do more.


Demystifying Cybersecurity: It's About Trust, Visibility, and Resilience
In addition to protecting sensitive information, governments now also need to defend the vast array of vital services that operate over networks, from energy and transportation to world financial engines and intelligence operations.


A Glimpse Into the Future of Government Infrastructure
State and local government IT infrastructure was designed for a way of working that is rapidly becoming obsolete. Now it has to evolve support new ways of working, including cloud computing, video on demand, telepresence, and bring-your-own-device (BYOD).


Get Ready for a World of Many Clouds
"The cloud" is actually multiple clouds, and most state and local governments already do or will soon use more than one. The network needs a special type of intelligence to connect personnel to clouds and clouds to other clouds.


Video for Public Safety and Justice: Five Strategies to Stretch Government Budgets
Elected officials seeking ways to leave a positive legacy with limited budgets are finding an ally in video technology. Communities around the world are reaping economic benefits by using their existing video surveillance cameras and videoconferencing endpoints. 


Whitepaper: Economic Game Changer: Powering the Next Generation Government
This whitepaper from the Center for Digital Government explains how the old rules of economic development are giving way to a whole new model for job creation that has everything to do with technology. Trends like superfast networks, the data deluge, social media, bring-your-own-device, and many more are converging to open a door to truly revolutionary improvements for our cities, states, and nations. But if we are to capture these benefits, government needs to look "beyond the bottom line" towards ever greater impact.

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Maine State Library Case Study
Maine State Library (MSL) works with 269 public libraries throughout Maine and facilitates access to and delivery of library services and collection resources. Maine public libraries faced a veritable connectivity issue; the geographic disparity of its library sites posed a significant barrier to communication among the various library centers, negatively affecting resource distribution and training programs. Compounding this issue was the limited physical hardware available in libraries utilizing the Maine School and Library Network (MSLN).

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Now on Demand: National Town Hall Addressing How to Connect. Innovate. Save.

Hear from federal, state and local government and education IT leaders in this on-demand presentation of the National Town Hall discussion Addressing How to Connect. Innovate. Save. These speakers will address specific concerns and insights on practical, innovative solutions on ensuring productivity, accessibility, security, and cost savings. Access the discussion.

Government Technology: Raleigh, NC Program Makes Teens Tech Gurus

Government Computer News: 2012 outlook for mobile data traffic

ZDNET: Cisco taking more 'integrated and holistic' approach to network security

Wall Street Journal: Cisco Transforms Digital Signs Into Highly Interactive Experiences, Creating New Ways to Increase Engagement

May 8-11, 2012
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June 13-16, 2012
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NACo Annual Conference
July 13-17, 2012
Pittsburgh, PA

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