Service Provider Data Center and Virtualization

Cisco has a new holistic approach to virtualization:

This approach realizes the power of virtualization to help fulfill the promise and create greater application openness and opportunity for you and your customers. Deliver high-value services to all customer segments with highly scalable, secure virtualized data center solutions.

Changing the Game

See how Telus is delivering clear benefits by bringing together data center and networking with Cisco Unified Service Delivery.

A New Approach to Virtualization

Cisco has taken a new holistic approach to virtualization and the delivery of services:

See how the holistic Cisco approach to virtualization can help you improve efficiency, lower costs, and become more agile.

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Transform Services in a Changing World

The Cisco Unified Service Delivery solution provides a single common infrastructure that lets you cut costs, optimize resource use, and deliver a secure virtual experience across your entire service portfolio.

This solution lets you meet growing demand for services that are more collaborative, more personal, and more visual. You will also meet customers' expectations for agile services that provide greater value in a globalized environment.

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The Agile Service Provider

You need a new strategic narrative that sets out a clear route to becoming a central link in the value chain for delivery of a myriad of services to end users.

Infrastructure-as-a-Service: Value Services

Learn about the Cisco products, technologies, and designs that form the foundation for you to offer higher-value IaaS services.

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