The Build & Price tool enables you to Browse and Learn about Cisco products and services and to Create an Estimate for the products and services you want to order. You can then Request a Quote from a reseller in your vicinity.

Building an Estimate

An Estimate can be created in two ways:

  • Click Create New Estimate from the Estimates Tab drop-down menu.
  • Select from Technologies

Note: After a Technology Group is selected, continue along selecting options until the correct product is chosen and added to the Cart.

Browse and Add Items by SKU

When you choose Create an Estimate, your shopping cart is opened and using the given field, you can search for products by SKU or the first characters of a partial SKU.

  • Once text is added in the field, a drop-down list displays with the appropriate products to select based on the information that was entered.
  • Enter the desired quantity and click the icon to add a product to your Cart.

Note: You can also click the Browse by Technology tab or click Continue Shopping at any time to retrieve a list of products to add to your Cart.

Browse and Add Items from Technology Groups

When you choose to search using the Browse by Technology tab and select a specific technology line, you can review a list of products and select from model categories.

  • Detailed product information such as technical requirements, white papers, and brochures are available for you to learn more about Cisco products and promotions.
  • You can add the product directly to your Cart by clicking or customize it first and then add it to your Cart by clicking

Customize Products

Clicking (or Configure, when you are building your Cart) allows you to configure a product with extra options and items.

  • A list of additional options and items displays. Select the appropriate options for the product and enter a quantity.
  • After all the options are selected, click
    • Click in the resulting dialog box.

Configure, Attach Service, Export, Print, E-mail, or Continue Shopping

From the shopping cart, you can configure your selected products and attach services.

  • You can copy, configure, validate, and attach service all at the line level.

  • You can also click Continue Shopping to search for and add more items to your cart.

  • If you know the reseller’s e-mail address, click the email icon and e-mail the Estimate directly to a reseller. A PDF file is attached with the Estimate ID.

  • To export (by PDF) or print the Estimate, click the Export/Print icon. The Estimate ID displays on each file.

    • These icons are also usable when requesting a quote.
  • If you do not know the e-mail, click to find a reseller (next section).

Requesting a Quote and Sharing the Estimate with a Reseller

You can request for a quote by emailing the Estimate to your reseller. Or you can provide the Estimate ID to your reseller. If you need help finding a reseller then click Request a Quote.

  • The Request a Quote page displays. Enter your contact information and check the checkbox if you are interested about future Cisco deals and promotions.

    • Click at the bottom of the page.
  • On the second page, search for a reseller by location or name.

  • Search results display the addresses and phone numbers of the resulting resellers.

    • To share your Estimate, call the appropriate reseller using the displayed phone number.
    • You can share the Estimate ID over the phone, or get the reseller’s other contact information to share the Estimate ID.
Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Build & Price tool?

The Build & Price tool enables the user to browse Cisco products and services. You can create an Estimate and Request for a Quote from a Reseller.

2. How do I create an Estimate?

Estimate can be created by two ways:
  • Click on "Create New Estimate" link below the "Estimate" tab to create a new Estimate. Enter the product SKU number in the search bar available in the Estimate Cart page and click on "+". The SKU will get added to the Cart.
  • Browse through Cisco Technologies and add the product to the Cart by clicking on or option.

3. What does the price listed on the Cisco Build & Price Tool reflect?

The listed prices reflect the manufacture retail price of Cisco's equipment and services.

4. What does Copy, Configure, Validate, Attach Service, Remove actions do?

  • Copy: The line level copy link will copy the product along with its configuration.
  • Configure: This enables the user to configure the product by selecting different options as applicable.
  • Attach Service: This enables the user to attach services to the product.
  • Validate: It will validate the product and Service configurations. If the product configuration is valid then it will display configuration status as "Valid" along with the date and time of the validation, below the product line level. If the product configuration has not been verified then it displays configuration status as "Unverified".
  • Remove: It will delete the corresponding product from the Estimate Cart..

5. What can I do after creating an Estimate?

After creating an Estimate you can Request for a Quote from a reseller. The Estimate can be requested for quote from a reseller by following ways:
  • Email the Estimate from Build & Price tool to a reseller by clicking on icon on the right side of Estimate cart page. This process will email PDF format of the Estimate to the reseller.
  • Export the cart PDF by clicking on icon on the right side of Estimate cart page and email the same to your reseller. The reseller can get back to you with more details.
  • Create an Estimate and provide the Estimate ID to your reseller.

6. Can I search for a Cisco Reseller with whom I can work with?

Yes. You can search for a Cisco Reseller by clicking on . This will navigate the user to two-step process:
  • Step 1: Enter Personal Information to expedite the process.
  • Step 2: Search for a Reseller with help of Reseller Name or Reseller Location.
You can contact the reseller via phone to get more details. Click cart icon to navigate back to the Estimate Cart page.

7. Can I view my Estimate submitted to a Reseller?

Yes. You can retrieve the Estimate submitted to the reseller with help of Estimate ID displayed on the top of the Estimate cart page. Keep note of the Estimate ID. You can search for the Estimate with help of the Estimate ID under Estimates Search Estimate section. You can also export the Estimate to PDF and save it for future reference.

8. Can I take a Print of my submitted Estimate?

Yes, you can take a print of the Estimate by clicking on icon in the cart page on the right.

9. How do I Request for a Quote from a Reseller?

The Estimate can be requested for quote from a reseller by:
  • Select the "Email Cart" link.
  • Enter your contact information and the email address of whomever you wish to receive the configuration.
  • Use the "Print PDF" link above to create a copy of the cart that can be shared.
  • Call your partner and provide the Estimate ID included on the configuration print-out.

If you do not know what Partner you wish to use, you can access Cisco's Partner Locator Tool on the left side of the screen to locate a nearby Partner.

10. What happens after submitting my Quote request?

The Reseller would receive the request submitted by you and he/she would contact you.

11. How to contact the Reseller for a price?

You can contact the Reseller for a price by sending an email to your Reseller. If you need help in finding a reseller then click on to find a Reseller.

12. How do I export my Estimate to PDF?

You can export the Estimate to PDF format by clicking on icon on the right side of Estimate cart page.

13. Can I change my Location?

Yes. Click on the Country displayed beside Change your location: label on the top right corner. Type your country name, select from the list and click on Save to change the country

14. How can I be a Cisco Registered User?

Click on the Register link on the top right corner of the application wherein the user can register for Cisco.

15. How do I change the service duration?

Click on Attach Service link or Configure link and navigate to service configuration section to change the service duration.

16. Can I provide Feedback?

Yes. You can provide your feedback by clicking on link on the top.

17. Can my Reseller claim my Estimate without me requesting for a Quote?

Yes. Reseller can claim your Estimate if you provide the Estimate ID or PDF Export file of the Estimate created by you to the Reseller.

18. Can I email my Estimate to a Reseller?

Yes, you can email your Estimate to a Reseller by clicking on icon on the right side of Estimate Cart page. This process would email a PDF format of the Estimate to your Reseller.

19. What does the Config Status in the Estimate Cart refer to?

System displays Config Status below the product description in the Estimate Cart page. Various Config Status displayed are:

    : The product has been configured and the configurations are valid.


    : The product configuration is not verified yet. The status of the products would be Unverified, when the SKU is added to the Cart.


    : Product is not configured or the product configuration is invalid.