Certifications and Skills Help Graduate Advance His Career

When Dominik, 29, saw an open position for a Cisco CCIE in his company, he decided to take on the challenge, which helped him earn a promotion at Econis AG.

As a systems engineer and Cisco CCIE specialist at Econis AG in Dietikon, Switzerland, Dominik Krummenacher provides support for managed services customers, network engineering and security, and IT consulting. He believes that his involvement with the Cisco Networking Academy program was key to obtaining his Cisco CCIE certification and excelling in his career at Econis.

Hard Work Pays Off

Krummenacher had already completed the Cisco CCNA and CCNP curricula at the University of Applied Science in Lucerne, and had earned his CCNP certification when he found a job listing for a CCIE at Econis. He describes the training required to prepare for the CCIE certification as “a bit like boot camp” and passed the exam on his second attempt.

Krummenacher, who is also a former instructor of the CCNA curriculum, credits the Networking Academy program for much of his success. “The courses are well-structured with step-by-step lessons,” he remarks.

The hands-on experience that Krummenacher gained through the program was particularly helpful in providing a solid foundation for his career and helping him earn his CCIE. “The practical labs are the best thing about the whole program,” he says. “The structure is very clear and the repetitions are good for understanding.”

Krummenacher’s commitment to Networking Academy reflects the high quality of education and experience he gained through the program, as well as his dedication to lifelong learning in his career.