Networking Enthusiast Goes Far with CCIE Incubator

After enrolling in the program to develop networking skills, 26-year-old Ludek Veselư, from Prague, became part of the Cisco CCIE Incubator. He is currently working on various projects for Cisco partner ANECT and completing his studies.

A Strange Omission

"I always thought networking was a part of ICT," says Ludek Veselư. But apparently, someone at the Faculty of Informatics and Statistics at his university in Prague thought otherwise, since the topic was not included in his information and communication technology (ICT) course.

Veselư had developed an interest in computers at an early age that stemmed from his love of gaming. "But after some time, I became more and more concerned with how computers work," he says. "Because of these interests, I also chose a university course with a focus on IT." Once there, he wanted to study networking, but was unable to do so.

Bridging the Gap

Veselư joined the Cisco Networking Academy program after hearing about it from a colleague at the university and began studying to earn his Cisco CCNA certification. After passing the exam, he took several other courses, including the Cisco CCNP Implementing Secure Converged Wide-Area Networks course. "I'm studying CCNP Optimizing Converged Networks now," he explains. Although he finds final exams "challenging", Veselư is confident that he will pass.

When asked about the quality of his classes and lab, Veselư says: "you can practice on real networking elements. And of course this program is well equipped with complete education plans and resources, which are easily accessed."

Putting Qualifications To Work

Although Veselư is still studying, he has already secured a job, which he attributes to his dedication to studying networks. "Thanks to my completion of CCNA, I was able to participate in the Cisco CCIE Incubator program,” he explains. “That really deepened my networking skills through the CCNP courses and Cisco bootcamps. Because of the Incubator, I was also able to find ANECT, the Cisco partner where I'm working today."

Veselư has been working for ANECT two days a week for the past two years while studying at the university. Along with his work, he is also completing training, as he explains: "At the beginning of the CCIE Incubator, a mentor from ANECT was assigned to me. He is a CCIE and he is trying to teach me how to do things better and most effectively. I can ask him about anything from the field of networking. He is also giving me projects to work on myself."

Future Plans

"Networking Academy changed my plans substantially," says Veselư. "I want to continue to pursue my career as a networking specialist. My next plans are to complete all four CCNP certifications and then focus my efforts on the CCIE certification (routing and switching). After that, I would like to specialize in some part of networking. For me, the most interesting aspect is security. But we will see."