After completing the Cisco CCNA courses and earning her certification in Nigeria, Maryam visited India to gain practical experience and prepare for her Cisco CCNP certification.

Maryam Temitayo from Abeokuta, Nigeria was seeking a career in information and communication technology (ICT) because of her “inquisitiveness about the magic behind communication.” Her first step was to enroll in the Cisco Networking Academy program at Gateway ICT Institute in the town of Irori, Ogun State. At the institute, Temitayo, who was also completing computer science courses at the time, started to become overwhelmed with her work load and considered giving up some of her studies.

Advice from Mentors

Temitayo’s mentors helped her stay on track with her coursework. “Mrs. Stella Hunter of South West Resource Centre Academy and Mr. Habeeb Omotunde of Haltrahcom were great,” she recalls. “When I thought I couldn’t cope anymore, they were there to help me carry on. Through their advice and words of encouragement, I remained focused.”

The support paid off, and Temitayo began an internship at the Ogun State Bureau of State Pensions, where she put her computer networking skills into practice for the IT department.

Studying Abroad

After earning her Cisco CCNA certification, Temitayo decided to complete her Cisco CCNP studies at Koenig in India. She was drawn to the equipment and facilities there, which helped her gain practical experience. After returning to Nigeria with her CCNP certification, Temitayo secured a job as a network administrator for the Southwest Resource Centre

Future Plans

Temitayo plans to earn her Cisco CCIE certification and a doctorate outside Nigeria. “I hope to work abroad before coming back home so I can be sure I have the right skills and am meeting international standards,” she explains. Temitayo is considering additional studies in India, which is well known for excellent levels of innovation and education in ICT.

When asked about advice for anyone considering a career in ICT, Temitayo says, “determination is the name of the game. If you want to make it in ICT, you should be determined and focused.”