Cisco Qualifications and Skill Competitions Lead to Own Business

At the age of 22, David started his own business with the experience he gained through Networking Academy and his achievements in the SkillsGermany and EuroSkills competitions

When technology enthusiast David Konopek was interested in entering the ICT sector, his friends advised him that “Cisco skills are in demand, and people who are Cisco certified don’t worry too much about getting a job.” This inspired him to enroll in the Cisco Networking Academy program at Multimedia Berufsbildende Schulen in Hannover, Germany to develop the qualifications and experience needed to enter the ICT job market.

At the academy, Konopek completed the Cisco CCNA curriculum before earning his CCNA certification. “It was a great mix of theory and practical experience that was highly stimulating,” he recalls. In 2008, Konopek participated in SkillsGermany and EuroSkills, gaining high scores in both team-based competitions, and earning a bronze medal in the EuroSkills ICT category.

After graduating, Konopek had the know-how and confidence he needed to start his own business as a freelancer. His training allows him to offer a wide range of services. “My work spans engineering to implementation and the operating of services,” he explains. “In fact, my role is so diverse, that although my official title is systems analyst, I also work as consultant and systems engineer.”

Future Plans and Words of Advice

Konopek’s working life offers a great deal of variety and flexibility, thanks to a wide range of skills and experience – and he is currently taking steps to expand his qualifications. “Now I am building up my own business,” he says. “I have also enrolled in a distance university program, in order to obtain a bachelor’s degree in business ICT. Another aim is to complete the Cisco CCNP course.”

Confident in his ability to quickly excel in his career, this young entrepreneur offers the following advice to anyone considering a Networking Academy course: “Do it! Participate! The skills you’ll gain in the program are prized by all kinds of companies.”