Networking Newbie Becomes a Successful IT Consultant

Daniel Falemo knew very little about networking when he joined the program and immediately found a job after graduation.

The Quest for Practical Career Skills

Thirty-five year old Daniel Falemo of Sweden had very little interest in or experience with networking before enrolling in the Cisco Networking Academy program. After reading an article about the courses, Falemo decided to register for classes at an academy in Trollhättan. “It seemed interesting and I wanted to get an education I could use to find a job and progress in a career,” he explains. Prior to his Networking Academy experience, Falemo worked for various ski resorts on a seasonal basis, with no particular career plan in mind.

When Falemo started the Cisco CCNA course, he put all his energy into succeeding. “I was highly motivated to complete the course in order to get a job,” he recalls. “This made me study very hard, which I needed to do because I had no idea about most of the things that we studied. I didn’t know what routers, switches, servers, or access points were. All this was new to me and very exciting to learn about.”

Embarking on a New Career Path

Despite his limited technical background, Falemo completed the Cisco CCNA and CCNP courses within two years, and then earned his CCNA certification. Immediately after earning his certification, Falemo secured a first-line support job in Germany. Meanwhile, he continued searching for a job in Sweden. He found a job opening to manage the network for Volvo PV in Gothenburg and decided to apply. “After a couple of interviews, I got the job and worked there for three years,” says Falemo. “Now I am working as an IT consultant for Altea and I’ve been working here for two years.”

Falemo now has the steady, rewarding job he wanted, and the skills to ensure he is an ongoing success in his chosen profession, despite knowing very little about networks at the start of his course. As his former instructor, Stig Johansson, points out: “This is a real Cinderella story.”