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Here is rollover text blah blah Despite health issues and a lack of funds, Katoora Mbabazi Rose of Uganda developed the self-confidence she needed to accomplish her career goals.

Life has not been easy for Katoora Mbabazi Rose. After losing her parents at the age of sixteen, Rose began to focus on career prospects. She had always been drawn to the world of information technology, so when she learned of a midnight networking course at the Makerere Faculty of Computing and IT, she eagerly enrolled. “I have heart problems and asthma,” Rose explains. “My health condition would keep me up all night, so by attending the midnight course, I found a way to pass the long restless nights.”

The Makerere Faculty of Computing and IT (CIT) is located in Kampala, Uganda. CIT aims to build local computing and ICT capacity by delivering high quality technical instruction to students. They also offer a collaborative workforce development program to help students begin their career paths. As a regional academy, CIT oversees the implementation of Cisco Networking Academy training in the region.

At CIT, Rose completed the Cisco CCNA and IT Essentials courses. “When I enrolled in CCNA, I told my instructor about my financial situation and he advised me to talk to the Cisco coordinator,” Rose recalls.” With their help and advice, I was able to attain a level of confidence to help me through my financial crisis. Being one of the few ladies willing to pursue a career in IT is not easy,” she adds, “and with my renewed confidence, I was able to complete the course.”

After completing CCNA, Rose applied for an internship at the faculty. “While completing the internship, I polished my IT skills such as assembling computers, setting up laptops, troubleshooting software, and configuring and administering networks,” says Rose. “During this time, I also set a goal to find a job that would allow me to fully utilize my skills.”

Rose’s passion, confidence, dedication, and IT skills soon landed her a position in the IT department of Engen Uganda, a petroleum company In Kampala. “Although working there has been a challenge, I look at my performance to identify areas I can improve upon to do my job more effectively,” says Rose.

Looking back on her journey thus far, Rose acknowledges her accomplishments. “I have come a long way in achieving my goals,” she says. Her next goal is to become an IT systems engineer.