Empowerment Program Prepares Student for Life After the Army

Despite having no IT experience, 23-year-old Tsiyona Kabada from Netanya, Israel enrolled in a Networking Academy course through the Women’s Empowerment Program, and now has a job with a satellite services company.

Accepting an Invitation to Gain New Skills

Tsiyona Kabada was working as a waitress when she learned about an opportunity to gain new career skills. “I was released from the army three years ago,” Kabada explains. “As any other ex-soldier, I started looking for a job in order to start my civil life. A friend told me about a vacancy in a cafeteria and I worked there for two years. During my work, I was exposed to a unique program of female enhancement called WEP.”

WEP, or the Women's Empowerment Program, seeks to redress inequality, especially for women in difficult economic or social circumstances. It assists both Arab and Jewish women in the Middle East, often working in conjunction with partners such as the Cisco Networking Academy program.

Although Kabada had very little experience with computers, the information she gained through WEP convinced her to enroll in the Cisco CCNA course at a local academy. "They explained about the importance of the program, its essence and its value in the job market and I decided to enroll and give it a chance," she recalls.

Enjoying Early Success in the ICT Field

In addition to meeting people from “different ages and backgrounds,” and having “a wonderful instructor who dedicated all his time and patience to the students,” Kabada quickly developed an affinity for the subject. “I completed the course successfully and I enjoyed it a lot," she says. "Now I’m interested in studying computer science at university and that is why the course has made a great contribution to my life.”

Kabada found a job she enjoys shortly after completing the course. “I work at YES Satellite Services, Ltd.," she explains. "I joined the company as a customer service representative and was promoted and now I work as an operational representative in customer relations. I’m very pleased with my new job.”