Cisco Enters the Fight Against Unemployment in Russia

Cisco recently launched a project in collaboration with the Moscow Department of Education to help unemployed and economically disadvantaged citizens develop valuable computer networking skills.

Helping People Succeed in a Challenging Economy

In February 2010, a Social Retraining Center was launched at Business College #11 in Moscow. This launch stemmed from a larger collaboration established between Cisco and the Moscow Department of Education to improve training opportunities for the unemployed. The Center will provide free training for displaced workers and others suffering from the global economic crisis through the Cisco Networking Academy program.

Networking Academy courses help students develop a comprehensive understanding of networking theory and practice, with a focus on hands-on training to help ensure that participants can apply their knowledge in the workplace. Cisco provided the laboratory equipment for the Social Retraining Center at Business College #11 and trained the instructors.

The Center offers the first two courses of the Cisco CCNA Discovery curriculum to teach individuals how to design, deploy, maintain, and troubleshoot computer networks. These courses will also help students prepare for the Cisco CCENT certification.

More than 500 individuals have completed their retraining in various disciplines through Business College #11 over the past year. The Networking Academy retraining program at the college been implemented within the framework of a larger technological development plan between Cisco and the Government of the Russian Federation. There are currently 133 academies in the Russian Federation teaching networking skills to more than 5700 students.

Retraining Program in the United States

The retraining program at Business College #11 is similar to a U.S. pilot program launched in September 2009. The Workforce Retraining Program pilot was launched in Michigan, the U.S. state with the most workers in the auto industry, which suffered heavily from the global economic recession. Through the initiative, displaced workers have an opportunity to develop networking and broadband health IT skills that will help them meet a growing demand for ICT specialists.

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