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Here is rollover text blah blah A polytechnic college in Coimbatore is preparing the next generation of networking students for India’s ICT boom.

Due to the rapid expansion of India’s ICT industry, numerous citizens have been drawn toward career opportunities in the networking and ICT field. In response to this trend, Professor Prince Edward of VLB Janakiammal Polytechnic College in Coimbatore has begun offering the Cisco Networking Academy curricula. These courses have become very popular among students and a growing number of ICT companies are seeking out opportunities to recruit employees from the college.

Edward initially sought out funding and support for the Networking Academy program to help ensure that his institution would be able to cater to the growing interest in ICT skills. “I submitted a proposal to the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) advisory board, stating the features of the Networking Academy program in detail before the government sanctioned a grant to set up a separate lab with routers and switches for Networking Academy students,” he recalls.

As a result of Edward’s efforts, VLB Janakiammal became the first polytechnic college in Coimbatore to implement the Networking Academy program. This has given students a chance to gain hands-on networking and ICT experience at the college. “Under my leadership, a team of 15 Networking Academy students set up the new Cisco lab and implemented the structured labeling schemes,” states Edward. VLB also plans to add several Networking Academy lab exercises to curricula outside the program.

Edward believes the growing interest employers have shown in recruiting students and graduates from VLB Janakiammal demonstrates the strength of the program. “Students here gain better practical knowledge and confidence in hardware and networking compared to other students,” says Edward. “They’re fit to start work as network engineers immediately after completing the program. As a result, employers don’t need to spend time and money on further training for these students.”

Edward derives personal satisfaction from educating his students effectively and winning their hearts in the process. He aims to establish himself as a successful Networking Academy instructor by seeking out opportunities to broaden his knowledge base and continually learning about new developments in the networking industry.