Partnership Expands Opportunities for Deaf Students in Egypt

A new collaboration with the Asdaa Association for Serving the Hearing Impaired will help students develop ICT skills.

Champions of Innovation in Robotics

In many communities around the world, deaf people have limited access to education and opportunities for career advancement. The Asdaa Association for Serving the Hearing Impaired aims to address this challenge by helping individuals develop the skills needed to improve their lives and give back to society.

More than 600 deaf students have developed reading, writing, and computer technology skills through Asdaa, a nonprofit organization established in 2000 in Alexandria, Egypt. Asdaa delivers courses in both Arabic and English.

In 2008, the Arab Academy for Science and Technology (AAST) introduced Asdaa to a global robotics competition hosted by a U.S. nongovernmental organization called For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (FIRST), and LEGO. That year, the Asdaa team became the first group of hearingimpaired students to participate in the national FIRST LEGO League (FLL) competition, and their impressive performance earned them third place.

Two years later, in 2010, two groups from Asdaa participated in the national competition. One of the teams, Falcon Eye, beat 14 other teams from Alexandria and Cairo to with the national championship. Their victory earned them an opportunity to compete at the FLL World Festival in the United States. At the global competition in Atlanta, the team, consisting of four girls and two boys, earned an award for the best innovative solution. Falcon Eye was the only group of deaf students participating in the competition.

New Opportunities to Excel in ICT

In an effort to build on the impressive curriculum at Asdaa, and expand learning opportunities for students, the Cisco Networking Academy® team met with the manager of Asdaa to inquire about partnership opportunities and visited Asdaa’s training center in Alexandria. As a result of these efforts, five instructors at Asdaa began the Cisco® IT Essentials training in August.

Cisco is providing the instructor training free of charge, and Asdaa will document the delivery of the IT Essentials course in English and sign language so it can be deployed to additional deaf students throughout Egypt and the Middle East region.

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