Cisco Public Services Summit 2008

Academy Achievements on Display at the Summit

Cisco Networking Academy had the exciting opportunity to host guests and display a photography exhibit representing Networking Academy students, instructors, and key stakeholders at the Cisco Public Services Summit in Stockholm in December. A guided Packet Tracer demonstration led by students and instructors was also featured at the summit.

The Cisco Public Services Summit 2008, co-hosted by Cisco and the City of Stockholm, is an invitation-only event for high-level decision makers who are committed to technology-enabled transformation of the public sector. The Summit brings together senior policy advisors and representatives from central, regional, and local governments in the areas of defense, education, and healthcare. The Summit is organized to coincide with the Nobel Week celebrations in Stockholm, Sweden and culminates at the Nobel Peace Prize celebration dinner and concert in Oslo, Norway.

The theme at the 2008 Summit was “Sustainability, Innovation, and Inclusion” and participants discussed visions of a future where technology helps promote sustainable and inclusive communities. Networking Academy’s participation at the event provided an opportunity for delegates to experience this vision in the domain of education. The students and instructors we invited came from Kenya, Oman, Slovakia, and the United Kingdom. They led delegates through a Packet Tracer product demo developed by Networking Academy especially for the event. The demo featured a trivia game that demonstrates how simulation software can help transform student learning globally, bring communities together, and support the development of 21st century skills. The Networking Academy onsite team also displayed a photography exhibit representing Networking Academy students, instructors, and key stakeholders.

John Behrens, Director of Learning Systems Development for Networking Academy, and Ian Temple from Cisco Global Education also attended the summit. Dr. Behrens said, "The quality of the speakers and the discussions with customers was of an extremely high quality. The summit projected Cisco as a thought leader concerned with long-term value for customers and the societal transformations created by networking technologies."

Experience the trivia game:

View the photography exhibit

Bios of Students and Instructors Invited to Attend the Summit

Stephen Ondieki, Kibera

Stephen attended the Raila Educational Centre academy in the Kibera slum, near Kenya. He was one of the first IT Essentials graduates from the academy. Since completing the course, Stephen has opened a computer repair shop in Kibera. We invited Stephen because he is a role model to others in the slum. He actively encourages youth in the Kibera community to enroll in Networking Academy courses and develop careers options. To learn more, please read his success story.

Jozef Janitor, Technical University of Kosice, Slovakia

Twenty-four year old Jozef is a PhD student at Technical University of Kosice and a Networking Academy instructor. He is one of the most active instructors in Slovakia and is considered by our Cisco team there to be among the best. Jozef was selected to attend the Summit because of his deep knowledge and the support he gives to the Networking Academy program in Slovakia.

Hugo Landau, Barnfield College, United Kingdom

(Written by Hugo’s instructor) One of the most wonderful aspects of being a teacher is that you are privileged to work with learners possessing exceptional minds and remarkable talents. Hugo was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome in 1999 and needed to spend time in special schools. Although he would hardly ever talk to people, he found solace in his computers.

I first met Hugo when came to study the Cisco CCNA course, he and his mother caught the train to Luton from St Albans twice a week to attend the CCNA evening class. Hugo's fellow students, many of whom had worked in the industry for several years, soon got used to the quiet 15 year old who regularly achieved the highest scores in any tests.

Hugo's passion for networking grew exponentially; he flew through all four semesters of CCNA and at the age of 16, he passed the CCNA exam with a score of 885. He won the Gold Medal in the UK Skills Competition, finishing twenty minutes ahead of the 34-year-old silver medalist.

As Hugo's journey progressed, he completed all four semesters of CCNP. He has become an expert in Linux, and whilst representing his country at EuroSkills 2008 in Rotterdam, Hugo proved just how far he has traveled by delivering a presentation on networking to a group of 70 technical experts and a professional camera crew.

The Cisco Networking Academy program has released the enormous potential locked inside this quiet and very gifted young man.

Haifaa Al Nassri, Higher College of Technology, Oman

Haifaa is a CCNP instructor who established an agreement between Networking Academy and the Omani Ministry of Manpower to open seven academies in Oman and train 23 instructors. She now supervises this project on the Ministry’s behalf and helps ensure that academies have access to appropriate teaching equipment. As a senior teacher and manager, Haifaa is a role model for women in her country and is keen to share her experience. Recently she undertook the task of training members of the Omani Women’s Association free of charge.