Packet Tracer 4.01 Is Now Available

Cisco has released Packet Tracer version 4.01 (PT4.01) in an effort to continuously provide our customers with the highest quality products. PT4.01 is a minor upgrade to the highly acclaimed 4.0 version and is now available for download.

4.01 corrects a small number of bugs and contains converted Packet Tracer 3.2 activity files that work with 4.0 and 4.01. The converted activity files are located in the “PT3.2_Saves” folder.

Packet Tracer 4.01 can be accessed from the main Tools page within post-login Academy Connection, Instructor and Administrator Home pages, on each of the CCNA 1-4 Tools pages, and from the CCNA Packet Tracer Discussion Forum.

In addition, there are several Packet Tracer support files on each of the CCNA 1-4 Tools pages that instructors will find useful:

  • Packet Tracer v4.0 Correlation to CCNA v3 contains a file that maps PT4.0 activities to CCNA v3.x curriculum and a file that lists all lab activities from CCNA 2-4 v3.x and identifies which activities can be completed using PT4.0.
  • FAQs contain frequently asked questions about Packet Tracer installation, use, and support.
  • Packet Tracer Promotional Video presents an overview that can be used to communicate features, functions, and benefits to administrators and students.
  • Packet Tracer v4.0 Tutorial v2 contains 12 modules of instruction on the interface and features of Packet Tracer. Version 2 includes examples that are not found in v1.

To allow Cisco to continually improve Packet Tracer, we are tracking its usage by asking whether or not instructors plan to use it in future classes. After instructors have completed the Class Setup form for a new CCNA class, they will be asked to complete an optional three-item questionnaire. Instructors are strongly encouraged to provide their feedback. Information about how instructors and students are using PT4.01 allows us to make beneficial updates and gives instructors an opportunity to take an active role in the future direction of Packet Tracer.

All bugs can be reported to the Academy Support Desk by logging into Academy Connection and selecting Help at the top of the screen. Select the appropriate language program support link then click the Contact the Support Desk tab.

Why Use Packet Tracer?
With Packet Tracer instructors and students can design, build, configure, and troubleshoot networks using virtual equipment. PT4.01 provides a more realistic simulation and visualization environment than PT3.2, with continuous, real-time updates of previously static views of underlying network logic and activity. It provides a common environment for instructors to demonstrate technologies and configurations, making it extremely useful for lectures, group and individual labs, homework, and competitions. Students can use PT4.01 to explore concepts, conduct experiments, and test their understanding. Look for hands-on training opportunities at upcoming instructor meetings.