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Cisco Learning Services

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Learning Services delivers comprehensive staff development and training

Learning Services provides comprehensive, customer-oriented solutions for skill development. It helps speed the adoption and migration of core and advanced technologies. The primary mission of Learning Services is to help Cisco customers optimize their network investments.

Working closely with Cisco engineers, Learning Services helps to ensure all courses are aligned with engineering best practices and recommendations. Through Learning Services, you will receive training for leading-edge Cisco technologies and platforms. From hands-on, instructor-led training to training-on-demand, learning labs, workshops, and boot camp sessions, Learning Services has solutions that fit your schedule and learning preference.

Learning Services training courses focus on the deployment and integration of Cisco advanced technologies. Classroom sessions, led by Cisco team members, include intensive, hands-on lab work on network connectivity, device configuration, and troubleshooting.

Training courses can be customized to fit your company's needs. By providing customer-oriented skills development solutions, Learning Services helps you optimize your network investment and speed adoption and migration of advanced technologies. Choose from a variety of learning options, including instructor-led, virtual-delivery, and self-study, workshops, boot camps, and training-on-demand.

Cisco Technical Education is an online e-learning portal that provides your network staff access to a variety of technical training modules.

Access to Cisco Technical Education is available on an annual subscription basis. Developed to meet the needs of customers who are unable to travel or take extensive time out of a busy work schedule, Cisco Technical Education provides just-in-time training with each module typically being no more than 20 minutes in length.

Cisco Technical Education benefits customers by offering:

  • Content coverage over a broad spectrum of Cisco platforms and technologies
  • On-demand, year-round access to training
  • Convenient, online instruction, reducing the need to travel and take time off work
  • Online access to Cisco equipment to perform self-directed, hands-on lab practice
  • Customer administration features, such as monitoring student progress

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The Curriculum Planning Service (CPS) is used to identify gaps and training solutions for your team. It aims to improve performance for those deploying or supporting IP networks.

CPS can create fast-track educational programs for acquiring necessary skills, while providing customized roadmaps for establishing long-term staff training goals.

Curriculum Planning Review Data Sheet (PDF - 386 KB)