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Find training on Cisco Digital Content Manager, ROSA, Explorer Controller, and PowerVu.

Consumer appetite for new video experiences and connected life is developing rapidly; so rapidly, many service providers and media companies are struggling to keep pace. Remain competitive by delivering new and exciting services faster than ever before.

Learning Services' Service Provider Video training identifies, qualifies, trains, and helps enable students to provide solution services for Cisco video solutions. By taking advantage of training you can experience faster time to market, investment protection, and consistent support experiences

Strengthen Your Competitive Edge

Learn how to launch new unified TV experiences quickly and successfully.

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Courses Offered

Operating and Maintaining a Cisco Digital Content Manager (DCMOM)
Through hands-on exercises, students will learn the knowledge and skills needed to operate and maintain DCM.
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Cisco DCM Advanced Features Management (DCMAFM)
Experienced DCM operators gain knowledge and skills required to configure and manage the DCM's advanced features. Students will practice analyzing and resolving common service issues in a broadband network.
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Cisco Encoder D9036 Operations Training (ENCOPS)
Get hands-on practice configuring and operating a Cisco encoder. Students are introduced to the hardware and software and learn basic configuration for encoding to insert system information and to perform basic operations.
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Cisco Explorer Controller Operations Training (ECOPS)
Get an introduction to the Explorer Controller server. This course teaches students to configure network elements, set up digital services, and maintain a Cisco Digital Broadband Delivery System using the Explorer Controller.
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Cisco PowerVu Operations Training (PVUOPS)
Learn how to use the PowerVu Network Center (PNC) Control Server. View and configure devices through the PNC, search for and view decoders, view and configure virtual channels and events, view uplink parameters, and monitor transactions and diagnostics.
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Cisco PowerVu Administration and Troubleshooting Training (PVUADM)
This course teaches students to perform advanced tasks, including configuring and troubleshooting a Cisco PowerVu system.
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Cisco ROSA Element Manager Administration (ROSAEMA)
This instructor-led course teaches students to manage the Cisco ROSA Element Manager components in a network. Learn to customize a ROSA Element Manager to reflect the configuration of a network, gain the knowledge to interpret alarm data, and change system parameters.
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Cisco ROSA Network Management System (NMS) Essentials Training (ROSANMSE)
Learn to manage and monitor the equipment and network layers of video delivery systems by configuring and operating ROSA NMS. Students learn to manage software licenses and users, change alarm parameters, automate tasks with macros, back up the server, and use other components.
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