NRF 2015

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Thank you for joining Cisco at NRF 2015!

It was a wild and wonderful winter event in New York at NRF, thanks to all of you who visited the Cisco booth, met with our experts, and attended our Big Ideas Sessions. Focused around the Internet of Everything (IoE), Cisco showcased how our powerful solutions connect to create the IoE-based omnichannel retail business.

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Big Ideas Sessions

Evolving Digital Shopping Behaviors: Cisco's Annual Survey Results

Cisco Big Ideas Session 1

Presenter: Joseph Bradley, Vice President, Internet of Everything Practice, Cisco Consulting Services

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The Internet of Everything: New Frontiers in Retail

Cisco Big Ideas Session 2

Lisa Fretwell, Senior Director, IoE Practice Lead, Cisco Consulting and
Dr. Shaun Kirby, Chief Technologist, Cisco Consulting

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Cisco Solution Demo Videos

Watch the Demo Videos

Cisco demonstrated a number of exciting solutions united by the Internet of Everything at the Cisco booth. Learn more by watching these videos:

Internet of Everything: Connecting Retail

Watch the Video: IoE in Action: The Internet of Everything in Retail
In the age of the Internet of Everything, every piece of data is a source of actionable information. Every Cisco solution in the NRF booth harnesses the power of people, devices, processes, and existing data to deliver IoE Solutions for Retailers that delivers omnichannel strategies, expands their business, and drives competitiveness. The IoE-enabled store offers an intimate customer experience and streamlines operations with more efficient data gathering, improved processes, better outreach, and responsiveness to new markets. Offering a multi-billion-dollar growth opportunity, retail is one of the largest potential IoE markets, with product and service sales gains potentially scaling across the entire store chain.

Analytics Command Center: Real-Time Actionable Insights

Watch the Video: Cisco Analytics: Taking Command of Your Data
Effective metrics are critical to support today's OmniChannel strategies. Cisco's solutions go far beyond traditional approaches by allowing retailers to fuse a multitude of sources from CRM/ERP systems, eCommerce, partners, social media, operations, and mobility with in-store sensors, cameras, and other connected devices. We provide real time analytic capabilities, right out to the edge of the network, enabling retailers to leverage previously hidden patterns of information for increased operational efficiency and new shopper insights.

Cisco Connected Mobile Experience: Detect, Engage, and Profit

Watch the Video: Cisco CMX: Driving the Shopper Experience in the Store
Watch the Video: Cisco Enterprise Services Mobility Platform: Faster App Development and Deployment
Do you want to know how customers are spending time in your venue? Are you looking for ways to better engage with your mobile customers? The powerful Cisco CMX solution uses location-based capabilities to provide retailers the chance to gain visibility into shopper movement patterns and customer behavior. Retailers can also enhance the shopping experience with dynamic personalized content on their mobile devices. These analytics and mobile services can help drive informed business decisions to optimize operations, boost customer satisfaction, and increase revenue.

Cisco Store in a Box: A Unified Retail Platform

Watch the Video: Cisco Store in a Box: The Unified Retail Platform
The Store in a Box streamlines the branch by unifying branch infrastructure services. It allows retailers to optimize operations, reduce footprint, and significantly lower technology spend – often running the branch on a single server. Letting you right-size your solution to requirements and size, this solution supports compact switching, routing, mobility, security (PCI and HIPPA), compute (such as POS and back office), unified communications, analytics, iWAN services, WAN backup and acceleration, and content caching. It is extremely effective for new store setups and temporary shopping environments, as it reduces truck roll and add-on infrastructure expenses.

Remote Expert/Mobile Advisor: Personalized Expert Access

Watch the Video: Cisco Mobile Advisor: Personalized Expert Access
Watch the Video: Cisco Digital Media: Engaging with Customers and Employees in the Store
Based on powerful Cisco video technologies, this solution showcases Cisco Remote Expert and Mobile Advisor, providing a more relevant shopping experience. It is available as a mobile advisor, self-service kiosk, or immersive experience, and can be integrated with digital signage as well. Shoppers browse without being limited to on-site product selections, connect to a company's expert for immediate assistance, watch product-relevant videos, or scan QR code to take advantage of upsell and cross-sell opportunities. This powerful solution allows retailers to provide immediate access to highly relevant content and the ability to show more products in a limited physical space.

Secure Store: Protect Your Customers & Your Brand

Watch the Video: Cisco Secure Store: Protecting Retailers Out to the POS
Cardholder data theft is one of your most important security concerns. Cisco's Secure Store solutions help protect your store at the point of sale (POS) and across the network. See how you can use our TrustSec solution to segment the network into safety zones to lower risk and simplify PCI audits to achieve retail industry compliance. It also helps detect suspicious activity such as security breaches, automatically locking down affected areas and preventing data from being transferred out of store systems. Cisco TrustSec has been validated by Verizon Business for PCI scope reduction.

Cisco SmartLocker: Delivery Your Way

Watch the Video: Cisco SmartLocker: The Next Generation of Retail Delivery
The Cisco SmartLocker solution allows a retailer's customer to pick up online orders in the store at their convenience, without taking store associates off the selling floor. Customers use a touchscreen to enter or scan an authorization code or digital signature that automatically opens the right locker, and prints a receipt. Cisco video technology creates a more engaging experience by integrating analytics gathering, advertising, and cross- and up-sell to drive repeat orders and store visits. Customers are more satisfied with flexible pickup schedules, and overall foot traffic within the store is increased. Systems can be set up indoors or out, to permit 24/7 service.

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NRF Interview Videos

Cisco's Experts on the Street

Watch our Expert on the Street interviews from NRF to learn what industry leaders are saying about retail trends, ideas, and Cisco.

Joseph Bradley Talks the Talk

Expert on the Street: Cisco VP Joseph Bradley discusses his thinking on today's digital shopper.
Watch Video

Kathryn Howe on Cisco Innovation

Expert on the Street: Cisco's Kathryn Howe, Director of Cisco's Retail Consulting Practice, talks about the type of innovation retailers are looking for.
Watch Video

Dianne Lamendola on Taking Command of Your Data

Expert on the Street: Cisco practice leader Dianne Lamendola introduces the NRF Command Center, which was one of the most popular demonstrations at the Cisco booth.
Watch Video

Growing Adoption of the Internet of Everything Concept

Expert on the Street: Hitendra Sethi of Cisco's Internet of Everything team, on the growing adoption of IoE across the retail industry.
Watch Video

Cisco Leads in Security and Analytics Innovation

Expert on the Street: Cisco Sales Manager Dan Dugan discusses response to Cisco's security and analytics solutions.
Watch Video

Meeting the Needs of European Retailers

Expert on the Street: Cisco European Sales Lead Edward Westenberg highlights the relevance of Cisco's solutions in today's rapidly changing retail environment.
Watch Video

Determining Business Outcomes with the Service You Need

Expert on the Street: Cisco's Practice Advisor Ron McEvoy discusses how Cisco helps drive business outcomes - for example, installing 800 stores in 60 days with Store in a Box.
Watch Video

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Special Offers

Cisco Services Offers for Retailers

Cisco Connected Mobile Shopping Experience Workshop

Join us for a complimentary workshop to provide industry insight into trends, an overview of Cisco mobility solution and strategy, and assess and prioritize the retailer's priorities and business use cases. This solution helps retailers improve operational efficiencies, improve the shopper experience though mobile devices and apps, gather contextual-based and location-based analytics, and increase revenue though their mobility investment.

For more information, contact:

Digital Kiosk & Smart Locker Discovery Session

This complimentary workshop provides an overview of the Cisco SmartLocker solution and strategy. Delivery systems are playing a significant and growing role in helping to keep stores competitive, and these technologies provide flexible choices for eCommerce customers. The workshop covers a business track that aligns business goals with self-service locker solution, and adds a technical track to explore workflow integration.

For more information, contact:

Enabling Analytics for Retail

Learn how Cisco Connected Analytics for Retail can help solve your business challenges and improve decision making with new access to your big data. Cisco Connected Analytics provides detailed insights into shopper and buying behaviors as well as optimizing store and supply chain operations, checkout and queue management, social media, and many other data sources.

For more information, contact:

Retail Security Assessment

Join us to become familiar with Cisco's methodology for identifying and addressing vulnerabilities within your organization, from POS to mobile solutions and across the network. You will gain unprecedented visibility in your systems through a holistic and comprehensive approach via testing of dynamic threats with advanced tools. Our leading security solutions combine best practices and industry-specific threat intelligence with expert analysis.

For more information, contact:

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