Cisco at IBC 2013, September 13 – 17, at the RAI Convention Center in Amsterdam.
Event Dashboard. Date: September 13 - 17, 2013 Duration: Full Day. Location: The RAI, Amsterdam. Attendance: In Person. Fee: Free.

IBC 2013

Welcome to the Cisco site for IBC 2013. IBC will take place September 13 - 17 at the RAI Convention Center in Amsterdam.

Location and Conference Dates

LocationThe RAI, Amsterdam
Cisco Stand:1.A71 in Hall 1 (10m x 23m)
Meeting Rooms:Adjacent to the stand on Balcony (BM12 and BM 13)
Conference Dates:September 13 – 17, 2013

Exhibit Dates and Times

Friday, 13 September10:30 – 18:00
Saturday, 14 September09:30 – 18:00
Sunday, 15 September 09:30 – 18:00
Monday, 16 September09:30 – 18:00
Tuesday, 17 September09:30 – 16:00


Cisco Speakers

Personalized TV & the Cloud - Produced in Association with ETSI

Cisco Speaker: Kevin Murray, Systems Architect, SPVTG (NDS)
Date & Time:Saturday, 14 September 2013. 7:45 – 9:00
Session Location: Emerald Room
Session Chair: Dr. Michael Sharpe, Chairman, ETSI, FRANCE
Other Speakers:
John Ulm, Fellow of Technical Staff, Motorola Mobility, USA
Dr. M, Oskar van Deventer, Senior Scientist Media Networking, TNO, NETHERLANDS
Professor David Crawford, Professor, University of Essex, UNITED KINGDOM
Dr Nick Lodge, Media Technology Consultant, Freelance, UNITED KINGDOM

This session starts with a complimentary light breakfast (courtesy of ETSI) and networking opportunity at 07:45, before delegates are invited to hear about the technicalities of how the Cloud and the facilities now available to operators and broadcasters are enabling new TV services to be personalised for the consumer. The session targets in particular, interactive second screen experiences, digital video recording and smart/hybrid TV services.

The first presentation outlines a number of technologies that are being developed to enhance the consumer's viewing experience. The Cloud can play a key role in the implementation of these new technologies, linking screens, platforms, networks and requirements together. Second screen devices for example can use the cloud to access and analyse a variety of data, and the cloud can thus become an enabler for effective second screen applications and a truly personalised TV experience.

Network-based digital video recording (DVR) services have faced a number of legal and economic hurdles over the years, but with the development of Cloud technologies, the business case is now changing. A practical case study is presented here for a cable operator to extend content storage facilities into the Cloud. The study looks at the cost drivers and market impact of network-based DVR services, and derives some economic and technical justifications for deploying such a system.

The session rounds off with a look at the futuristic EU-funded research project 'HBB-Next' whose many partners who contributed to the original Hbb-TV 2.0 standard for hybrid TV, published by ETSI. The work in this project has now progressed with the development of innovative service offerings for consumers, including the linking of second screens, the off-loading of media processing to the Cloud for efficient content integration and adaptation to different mobile devices and user requirements, and multi-user recognition schemes for personalisation of the viewing experience.

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A Cloudy Future for the Set-Top Box?

Cisco Speaker: Yves Padrines, VP/GM, EMEAR, SPVTG
Date & Time: Saturday, 14 September, 15:30 – 17:00
Session Moderator: Andrew Jordan, SVP International Technology & Operations, NBC Universal, UK
Other Speakers:
Rick Ellis, Group MD Telstra Media, Telstra Corp, Australia
Clive Hudson, EMEA GM, Roku, UK
Simon Morris, CMO, Lovefilm, UK

What is the future of the set-top box in an on-demand world? Pay-TV operators are increasingly looking to deliver their services through an app on mainstream CE manufacturers' devices rather than build and support their own STB. Telia Sonera is a good example of this, having recently launched an app which takes control of a Samsung Smart TV when it detects a TS broadband connection.

Recently there have been a few cases of companies selling off their STB divisions, such as Google & Motorola Mobility, Cisco & Linksys. What are the reasons for this? European power management requirements have rendered older STB technology obsolete, while the cost of STB development, integration, management and upgrading is huge and a considerable barrier to advancing technology precisely when there is high and growing consumer demand.

So, with the growing tension between modes and methods of delivery putting pressure on both the MVPDs and the infrastructure providers as more content gets delivered over IP, are we seeing the death of the set-top box? And is this a global picture? What about the less connected countries and regions of the developing world?

Users want one place where they can find and watch content they want easily: YouView/HbbTv, for instance, come with dedicated boxes that combine access to DTT/ satellite, with access to web content, all integrated within a single programme guide. Is the next logical step in content aggregation to remove the EPG altogether and move towards content search instead?

Representatives from pay-TV operators and OTT services, as well as business and technical staff from broadcasters looking at their route to market will hear an expert panel debate the issues. Are we coming to a world where the operator as an app is the norm? Is it really a case of either/or? Or is there room for both the cloud and the set-top box in the Connected Home? Register now to find out first.

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Smart Viewer Interfaces

Cisco Speaker: Natalie Lahoux, Studio R&D Manager (NDS)
Date & Time: Friday, 13 September, 15:30 – 17:00
Session Moderator: Muriel Deschanel, Sr Standards Program Manager, Microsoft, France
Other Speakers:
Mathias Coinchon, Sr. Project Manager, EBU, Switzerland
Thomas Mirlacher, User Experience Researcher, ruwido, Austria

As the domestic choice of entertainment and information services grows to bewildering levels, researchers are turning their attention to ways of simplifying both content navigation and control of the receiver itself. They now have a lot of toys to play with because gaming technology has brought gesture and speech recognition, haptic feedback and sophisticated graphics, well within the capability of any set-top box. But do we really want to interact with the TV like this? Wasn't the good old remote control a quick and efficient means of selecting what you wanted to watch?

In this session we interact with the user interface designers themselves. Our first expert will discuss the design of UIs which model our everyday experience of objects, arguing that for best intuitive control there must be a real-world relationship between what we touch and what we see.

Our second specialist is developing interfaces based upon his 'continuous interaction' principle which favours continuous controls with force-feedback, over those with simple impulsive touch interfaces. The results show that remote controls using this new principle work better - and you don't need to look down at them.

Finally, we look at an international initiative which is producing a proof-of-concept demonstrator to show how an open-distributed authentication system might operate. The design objective is that viewers using social media services linked to their broadcast channels would not have to register their personal details with every broadcast channel they view and would similarly not have to do this with each portable device they own. Sounds very convenient! Find out how they do it.

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IBC Leaders Summit

Delegate: Chris Dedicoat, President, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Russia (Invited)
Date & Time: Thursday, 12 September, TBD

The IBC Leaders Summit is an exclusive invitation-only event, designed specifically for the most influential and visionary people at the top of the electronic media and entertainment industry. It pairs exclusive independent research from Deloitte with world-leading insight in a collaborative environment and enables high level peer to peer networking opportunities with those thought-leaders who are shaping the future of our industry.

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IBC 2013 - Demos

The Cisco IBC 2013 public demonstration experience will be segmented into three main areas:

  • The Complete Multiscreen Experience
  • Open Environment
  • The Content Contribution and Distribution Suites

Area 1 - The complete Multiscreen Experience (in order of display on the booth)


The Videoscape Multiscreen Cloud DVR enables Service Providers to introduce next gen cloud-based services to accelerate DVR and time-shift TV penetration for rapid monetization of new subscribers, over multiple devices, and services.

At IBC we will showcase the latest development/implementation of Cloud DVR based on the Media Origination platform, which is a key building block of this Videoscape Unity offer.

With Cisco's Media Origination, critical data plane functions can be seamlessly integrated and virtualized across a cloud-based infrastructure and simply managed with a single control plane interface. Media Origination powers elastic and scalable content ingest, recording, packaging and delivery for highly customizable cloud DVR and TSTV services.

Multiscreen Cloud DVR benefits:

  • agility to deploy new services with flexible recording and policy management
  • flexible options for cloud-based storage efficiency -including third party storage technology
  • more effective targeted advertising insertion leveraging flexible workflows and intelligent storage management

Videoscape Unity Connected Video Gateway

As part of the Video gateway we will show Cisco Open UX Snowflake which provides a single branded UX to serve the entire device ecosystem. We will showcase

- Multiple deployment models based on device type

  • Service provider STBs (on Voo STB) : Open client software based on HTML5 standard
  • Mobile and personal devices: HTML5 plus native optimizations
  • Consumer electronic devices such as gaming consoles and connected TVs: HTML5 on browser environment

- An end-to-end solution as part of Cisco Videoscape Unity

Snowflake UI:

Videoscape Unity features the multi-award winning Videoscape Snowflake user interface that allows for the creation of customized and immersive user experiences, unified across multiple screens- experiences that are synchronized, personalized, and more social, with faster time to market.

Videoscape Video Everywhere and Hybrid Video Everywhere

We will demonstrate a single Videoscape Unity Headend powering both a managed Hybrid STB and CE devices (tablets, mobile phones). The Cisco PDS3241 Hybrid STB is pre-integrated with VideoGuard CA & MediaHighway Evolution and protects Live and On-Demand ABR content with VG Connect DRM.

As part of the Video Everywhere Multiscreen story we will highlight our Advanced Advertising solutions which allow Service Providers to manage and deliver a wide array of advertising formats across multiple services and screens.

Videoscape Express

Videoscape Express is an E2E pre-integrated entry-level PayTV solution which enables service providers to quickly launch basic digital Pay TV service, and then upgrade seamlessly o advanced services like DVR, VOD and Home Networking.

The Connected Life is the convergence of applications and services that go beyond the traditional video, data and voice 'triple play' to enable new service provider revenue streams and increase customer loyalty. Cisco provides a platform for a broad range of services encompassing machine-to-machine as well as novel home network related services. The Connected Life promises to deliver a whole new range of dynamic life-style experiences that add value to subscribers' everyday lives and supporting the Internet of Everything concept.

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Area 2 - Open Environment

Open APIs Framework

  • Developer tool demo with STB
    The developer tool demo aims to illustrate the breadth of information made available to the application developer.
  • Videoscape Console
    Open APIs expose headend components to the Service Provider and Developers for retrieval, control and management of information. The console shows the type of information available in the headend. This exact same visibility is available from the STB and from the companion device - illustrating how APIs expose the same data to applications and services.
  • MLB demo
    Cisco developed a service together with Major League Baseball channel. The demo highlights how an application can receive contextual information from Cisco headend and provide targeted/profiled advertising.
  • Social TV
    Linked to the VSU offers and showing use cases including Facebook, optional Twitter integration to be added (showing flexibility). Social TV use cases include linking specific predefined Facebook account to the Snowflake profile.
  • Master Demo Application integration
    As part of the master demo implementation with Open UX we have integrated a third party partner apps- Accedo.

Youtube, Vimeo, Games and others have been integrated into Snowflake UI for additional value to subscribers. In addition, Open APIs illustrate how operators can bundle service and application to specific content or profile

Open UX Solution

Based on HTML5, Cisco Open UX Snowflake offers service providers an opportunity to create a branded, dynamic, and intuitive experience across all devices as well as rapidly roll out new features to stay ahead of customer demand.

As an open, web-based platform, this solution allows service providers to quickly and continually integrate new features, and bring innovative third-party applications into the subscriber video experience.


We will show our open client software on an IP-STB running RDK with Open UX Snowflake. We will give a view of the common user experience including linear video viewing, guide, and VOD, demonstrating that we can provide a consistent advanced experience on Cisco MediaHighway and RDK-based platforms.

Cisco STBs with 3rd party integration:

Zappware PDS - PDS2100 (DVB QAM/IP), same form factor as IP-only PDS2506
Wyplay - ISB8K (BCM7431 3000 DMIPS) and IPV5K
Playcast - ISB2K or ISB8K, based on BCM7405/7413
Mediaroom STB - ISB2221 / BCM7406 1100 DMIPS

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Area 3 - Content Contribution and Distribution Suites

We will be show casing Cisco advanced HEVC and 4K technology. This technology demonstration will illustrate Cisco advances in 4K and HEVC technology setting new standards for video quality and processing. In addition there will be two new software analytics tool for managing CDN networks Service Manager and Service Broker.


  • 4K processing and Snowflake: 4K content on a Snowflake based GUI on PC or proto Broadcom STB. The idea is to contribute the 4K signal using 4x1080p 4:2:2 and do a file-based transcode to 4K HEVC and play that file. The demo will showcase Cisco 4K processing capability, HEVC, and the integration with Snowflake.
  • HEVC to the IPAD using DASH & HD content and HEVC to STB with HD content: the demo will showcase HEVC codec processing video to Ipad using DASH and showing HD content, and the STB demo will show bandwidth efficiency of HEVC and video quality.
  • Service Manager: which can deliver real-time configuration, management, analytics and monitoring, business policy enforcement, and other critical network intelligence to improve provisioning and evaluate existing operations. Big data and analytics improve the delivery of CDN.
  • Service Broker: accelerate consolidation, whether for multiple CDNs at one service provider or for multiple CDN service providers.
  • VOS/VAS suites:
    VDS-OS demo showing ODE of a CAL VOD asset
    Live encapsulation output from DCM MFP
  • iPad
    Live encapsulation output from CAL showing WebVTT and PQ

Project Fresco - Future of Video - stand G29 Future Zone Park Foyer

Within the next five years advances in display technology will make science fiction reality, with screens that are unobtrusive, frameless, ambient and ultra-high definition. Organic LED technology needs no edges at all, and it will be possible to create tiled surfaces of almost any shape using low-cost standard parts. The concept of 'immersion', readily expressed in a simple control, really does give viewers the opportunity to enjoy programmes according to their wishes at that moment, with content whose size, position, and level of interactivity adaptively matches the current needs of each audience. Key to the principle is a simple architecture which is readily extensible throughout the home and an engine which reacts to user input and metadata within a multiplicity of content items and streams. Our work has received enthusiastic press and industry attention as they share our excitement about TV's potential future."

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Complimentary IBC Customer Exhibition Pass

Cisco would like to offer you a complimentary IBC Exhibition Visitor Pass (Customer Ticket). To get yours, simply register on the IBC website and enter the information below.

Passcode: 4087

The customer ticket and exhibition pass provide you with complimentary admission to all 14 exhibition halls, a free tram pass to explore Amsterdam, and selected sessions. For more information, visit the IBC registration site.

Event Resources

Video Spotlight

Cisco, Enabling Your Cloud Strategy, Cisco can help you determine your best path to the cloud whether private, public, or hybrid. (2:24 min)

Cisco, Enabling Your Cloud Strategy

Cisco can help you determine your best path to the cloud whether private, public, or hybrid.

Click here to watch video.

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Microsoft World Partner Conference 2013 will take place at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, Texas.

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