Executive Biographies

John Chambers John Chambers
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Frank Calderoni Frank Calderoni
Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
Rob Lloyd Rob Lloyd
President, Development and Sales
Gary Moore Gary Moore
President and Chief Operating Officer
Nick Adamo Nick Adamo
Senior Vice President, Global Segments and Architectures
Kelly Ahuja Kelly Ahuja
Senior Vice President, General Manager, Service Provider Mobility Group
Roger Biscay Roger Biscay
Vice-President Treasurer & Global Risk Management
Blair Christie Blair Christie
Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer
Kip Compton Kip Compton
Vice President and Chief Technical Officer, Video and Collaboration Group
Marthin DeBeer Marthin DeBeer
Senior Vice President, Video and Collaboration Group
Patrick Finn Patrick Finn
Senior Vice President, U.S. Public Sector Organization
Alison Gleeson Alison Gleeson
Senior Vice President, US Commercial Sales
Bruce Klein Bruce Klein
Senior Vice President, Worldwide Partner Organization
Oliver Kohler Oliver Kohler
Senior Vice President, Global Business Services
Kelly Kramer Kelly Kramer
Senior Vice President, Corporate Finance
Colette Kress Colette Kress
Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for Cisco's Business Technology and Operations
Doug Merrit Doug Merrit
Senior Vice President, Product & Solutions Marketing
Edzard Overbeek Edzard Overbeek
Senior Vice President, Cisco Services
Frank Palumbo Frank Palumbo
Vice President, Global Data Center/Virtualization Sales
Pankaj Patel Pankaj Patel
Executive Vice President and Chief Development Officer, Global Engineering
Paul Perez Paul Perez
Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Data Center Group
Chuck Robbins Chuck Robbins
Senior Vice President, Worldwide Field Operations
Kris Snow Kris Snow
President, Cisco Capital
Rob Soderbery Rob Soderbery
Senior Vice President and General Manager, Enterprise Networking Group
Karen Walker Karen Walker
Senior Vice President, Segment, Services & Partner Marketing
Dave Ward Dave Ward
Vice President, Chief Technology Officer and Chief Architect, Engineering
Padmasree Warrior Padmasree Warrior
Chief Technology & Strategy Officer, Cisco
Chris Young Chris Young
Senior Vice President, Cisco Security and Government Group