Cisco C-Scape 2007

Cisco C-Scape Global Forum 2007

Be a part of an exciting, thought-provoking industry event where financial and industry analysts as well as members of the media and other influencers and thought leaders will converge to discuss, debate and dialogue on a variety of high-technology topics. At Cisco C-Scape 2007, you will take a closer look at trends and issues that will change the future landscape of the industry and impact how businesses – and people – communicate and collaborate more effectively.

During this interactive two-day forum, December 10 – 12, 2007 at The Fairmont San Jose Hotel, we will focus on:

  • The future of IT
  • The impact of collaboration and Web 2.0 on the industry & business
  • How globalization is changing business models and processes
  • Why the network has become the platform for all IT and communications

Hear directly from end users on how they’re integrating different technologies and changing their business models for success. Spend time with Cisco executives and partners to get their perspective on the future of the industry. Collaborate with peers and converse with industry thought visionaries on the prevailing issues of the day.

Join us at Cisco C-Scape 2007.