Cisco at the International Consumer Electronics Show 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada, Tuesday, January 7 - Wednesday, January 8 - Thursday, January 9 - Friday, January 10, at the Convention Center.
Event Dashboard. Date: Tuesday, January 7 - Wednesday, January 8 - Thursday, January 9 - Friday, January 10, 2014 Duration: Four Days. Location: Las Vegas Convention Center, Nevada. Attendance: In Person. Fee: N/A

International CES 2014

The Internet of Everything is the networked connection of people, process, data, and things that businesses, individuals, and whole countries can benefit from.

We hope you joined Cisco at CES to learn more about how the Internet of Everything creates:

  • New capabilities
  • Richer experiences
  • Unprecedented economic opportunities

Here you can also find out more about Videoscape Unity. This cloud-based video solution from Cisco empowers service providers and media companies to connect consumers to a world of new experiences.


Cisco Speakers

Cisco presented the following sessions at CES 2014:

Cisco Keynote

Watch a replay of the keynote here
Speaker: John Chambers, Chairman & CEO, Cisco
Conference/Track: Keynote

What Can We Make Possible with the Internet of Everything? (Interactive Session)

Speaker: David Evans, Cisco Chief Futurist, Cisco Consulting Services, Cisco
Conference/Track: Internet of Everything
What happens when we wake the world up and start connecting the 99 percent of everything that is not yet connected? What is the future effect of this immense amount of connectedness? This session will challenge you to imagine what the outcome could be and how to make it possible.

Connecting Everything: Transforming What Happens on Screens

Speakers: Charles Stucki, VP & GM, Service Provider Video Infrastructure Group, Cisco and Ben Keen, Senior Director and Chief Analyst, IHS Screen Digest
Conference/Track: Internet of Everything
Technology can enable amazing, interconnected experiences that change the quality of our lives. But a shift is required in how service providers create and deliver experiences across screens. This session presents our vision for this shift, powered by cloud technologies that also enable new revenue generation and managing operations more cost effectively.

IP Traffic will triple in Five Years

Speaker: Doug Webster, Vice President, Service Provider Networking Global Marketing & Corporate Communications, Cisco
Conference/Track: Broadband Unlimited
IP traffic in the U.S. is expected to nearly triple from 2012 to 2017. How does this compare with other regions such as China, Japan, and Europe? What role does video or gaming play in the increase? Get the answers during this session from the current results of the Cisco Visual Networking Index (VNI).

Multi-Screen Universe: - Strategies for ConnectedTV Technology & Content

Speaker: JT Taylor, Director, Strategic Marketing, Service Provider Video Technology Group, Cisco
Conference/Track: Digital Hollywood
The age of "all video, all the time" is here - yet the conversion to an all-video culture was so quiet that the implications are just entering the nation's business and intellectual conversations. Hear from a group of technology and communication experts whose experiences define how the multiscreen universe works.

2nd Screen – Social Television – The Merger of Content, Social Interaction and the Video Platforms

Panelist: Olivier Lacour, VP, Studio Design, Cisco
Conference/Track: Smart Phone & Tablet Conference
TV, multiplatform distribution and social media have officially hooked up. Content is as easily viewed tablet and smartphones as on a TV set and TV Shows share viewers' tweets, celebrities encourage real–time interaction, and the online big guns — Facebook and Twitter — are intertwined with TV as never before. TV as a social–media community is exploding. See what's next.

The Internet of Things: Connected Home Platforms and Devices

Speaker: Ashu Joshi, Product Manager Connected Life Solutions, Cisco
Conference/Track: Connections Summit
This session examines the technologies contributing to the Internet of Things as well as the form they will take in the consumer market. Speakers discuss interoperability, the different approaches to integrating the numerous connected products into connected home platforms and the standards and technologies that will simplify integration.

The Internet of Things and the Home of the Future

Speaker: Robert Pepper, VP, Global Technology Policy, Cisco
Conference/Track: CEA Innovation Policy Summit
Consumers need to look no farther than to the home to realize the Internet of Things is here today. Consumers are increasingly adopting security cameras, lights, heating control systems, locks and home appliances that can be controlled remotely. These new applications of Internet connectivity offer consumer control and convenience, and can even help consumers lower energy costs. What are the policy implications of connected homes? How can manufacturers and policymakers educate consumers to take steps to benefit from and protect their increasingly connected homes?

Demonstrations at the Cisco Booth

Internet of Everything Demonstrations at the Cisco Booth at LVCC

The Internet of Everything (IoE) brings together people, process, data, and things to make networked connections more relevant and valuable than ever before. Visitors experienced IoE in action and learned more about the unprecedented opportunities it creates.

Cisco Videoscape Demonstrations at the Wynn

Videoscape, through its cloud-based technologies, is helping service providers and media companies connect consumers to engaging experiences. These experiences are personalized, synchronized, and more social – at the speed of now.

Cisco's Connected Car Solutions in the Visteon Booth at LVCC

Cisco is bringing the Internet to the road to help keep roads safer, less congested, and cleaner with an end–to–end network architecture to optimize communication links and mobility services to and from connected cars. The secure, reliable, and fast network allows vehicles to talk to each other and to the roadside infrastructure. Auto manufacturers can provide remote updates and predictive diagnostics to reduce operating costs and improve customer service. The driver experience is also enhanced with optimized network performance and a secure, scalable infrastructure that delivers cloud–based services to vehicles such as online maps with real–time road conditions, smart parking, entertainment, location–based services, and improved emergency response.

Meet with Cisco Experts

Cisco executives and subject matter experts will be available to meet with you on site.

Contact your Cisco representative to schedule a meeting.

Complimentary CES Customer Exhibits Plus Pass

Cisco is pleased to offer you a complimentary CES Exhibits Plus Pass ($100 savings) that provides access to all exhibits, TechZones, super sessions, keynotes and select sessions.

To take advantage of this offer, a special priority code is required during the registration process. The deadline for this offer is December 13. Register Now and enter priority code: FEI727E6.

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John Chambers' Keynote at International CES 2014

Listen to John Chambers' keynote where he shares Cisco's vision of the Internet of Everything and the value for organizations today.

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