AsyncOS 7.6.2 General Availability

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Dear Cisco Customer,

Cisco is pleased to announce a new maintenance release of AsyncOS 7.6.2 for Email to all customers. This release applies to all our Email Security Appliances (C-Series and X-Series).

   Partial list of defects fixed AsyncOS 7.6.2 for Email

  • Fixed: Log Injection Vulnerability [Defect 84208]
  • Fixed: Damage Caused by Reboot Without Proper Shutdown [Defect 73467]
  • Fixed: Delivery Status Details Report Shows Error Message [Defect 80466]
  • Fixed: Appliance Does Not Retry DNS Query [Defect 86530]
  • Fixed: Packet capture doesn’t capture traffic on VLAN interface when filter
    is used.[Defect 86949 ]
  • Fixed: DNS Queries Fail Because of AAAA Record Request [Defect 86110]
  • Fixed: Fixed: CPU Usage May Unexpectedly Run at Maximum Capacity [Defect 82692]
  • Fixed: Traceback Generated After Technical Support Tunnel Tails for
    DNS-related Reasons [Defect 76210]

Note: Security Management Appliance upgrade to AsyncOS 7.9.0 for Management is required for full interoperability with this AsyncOS 7.6 for Email  release.

For further information about this release, please refer to the AsyncOS release notes available on at the following URL:

How to Upgrade

Prior to upgrading to this release, please read the Release Notes referenced above and save a copy of the configuration file somewhere other than on your appliance.

Once you have read the Release Notes you may log into the command line of your IronPort Appliance as the 'admin' user, and type 'upgrade', or use the WebUI upgrade functionality in the 'System Administration' tab. You may upgrade directly to the highest version available in the displayed list.

**NOTE** It is important that you follow the upgrade instructions available in the Release Notes. If you do attempt to upgrade and do not see the desired release version available, your appliance is likely not on a version allowed to upgrade directly. See 'Upgrade Paths' below.

Upgrade Paths

Please refer to the Release Notes for qualified upgrade paths. If your systems are on any other AsyncOS release, you will need to perform multiple upgrades as specified in the release notes. Only the immediate next step in the upgrade path will be shown to you, with the next revision being shown once you are at the approved level. 

Release Stage

General Availability (GA): This release is available to all our customers and is a the recommended build to be used in your production environments.

Thank you for choosing Cisco Security Products.

Best Regards,
Cisco Customer Support
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