Cisco Unified Communications Manager


Following are recent announcements related to the Cisco Unified Application Environment.

August 2007 - 8.3(2) IP Phone Services Enhancments

August 27, 2007

Cisco IP Phone firmware version 8.3(2) has been released, adding significant new Phone Services XML features, including notifications/events, app-focus commands, new streaming codecs, and more.
This new set of IP Phone Services features enables developers to make more user-aware, flexible and powerful interactive XML applications. To explore the documents covering the new API details and capabilities, please visit the CDS IP Phone Services page. To get the 8.3(2) phone firmware files visit the Cisco IP Phone Firmware download page.

September 2007 - CUAE 2.4 Available for Free Download

September 16, 2007

Full-featured versions of the Cisco Unified Application Environment products now available as free downloads (for development and test use only)

Get instructions and links to help you access the products you need to get started developing applications for the Cisco Unified Communications system of voice, video, and IP communications products.

March 2007

May 29, 2007

Join Cisco at the first annual "TMCnet Communications Developer Conference" in Santa Clara, CA (May 14-17, 2007)

"Who Will Build Tomorrow’s Communications Applications?" Come visit the Cisco Technology Partner and Developer Services booth to see live Cisco developer technology demos and ask the experts.

February 2007

February 27, 2007

Cisco Technology Partners Develop Customized Applications with Cisco Unified Application Environment

Innovations Support RFID Tagging, Video Conferencing, Mobility, Speech Recognition and Paging on Cisco Unified IP Phones