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The Cisco Unified Application Environment enables the rapid development, reliable execution, and automated management of unified communications applications that converge voice and video with enterprise applications and data. Organizations can use these new converged applications to improve communications, transform business processes, and create competitive advantage.

Why Use the CUAE

Why Use the Cisco Unified Application Environment?

Widespread adoption of IP communications has generated strong demand for applications that can leverage converged voice, video and data networks to transform business processes. At the same time, responsibility for telephony is moving into the corporate data center.

Developers are increasingly being asked to create applications that must incorporate voice and video capabilities. Most enterprise and Web application developers have little to no experience with arcane telephony protocols, media processing, and the other technologies that accompany voice and video development. As a result, converged telephony and data application development projects require too much time and money, yield functionally limited applications, and are prone to failure.

The Cisco Unified Application Environment allows developers with no telephony development experience to rapidly, easily, and successfully build feature-rich converged voice, video, and data applications. Developers use drag-and-drop techniques to visually construct applications using simple communications business logic. Developers can focus on what they want to do rather than spending all their time trying to figure out how to do it. Using this approach, development time for new applications is dramatically reduced to days or weeks instead of months.

In addition, the Cisco Unified Application Environment provides runtime services that:

  • - Abstract complexity and differences in protocols and communications product versions
  • - Separate application logic from core call routing to protect the unified communications infrastructure from applications
  • - Protect applications from each other
  • - Deliver a wide variety of easy-to-use media processing functions, such as IVR, conferencing, transcoding, TTS, speech recognition and speaker verification
  • - Offer a standardized and centralized way to manage all of an organizationís unified communications applications

The bottom line is that the Cisco Unified Application Environment reduces the time and cost required to develop applications, increases the richness and breadth of features offered by applications, and improves the manageability of these applications. To learn more about the products that comprise the Cisco Unified Application Environment, please use the following links.

Cisco Unified Application Designer
Cisco Unified Application Server
Cisco Unified Media Engine

Getting Started with CUAE

Getting Started

To get started building applications using the Cisco Unified Application Environment, visit the Download page to get instructions on how to download all the software and documentation you will need. If you have questions about whether the Cisco Unified Application Environment will enable you to meet your application goals, please visit the Forums page for links to our forums and IRC channel. You can use these resources to ask any questions you have about the suitability of our products to solving the problems you face before you download the software and documentation.

What's New

What's New

Version 2.4 of the Cisco Unified Application Environment is now orderable and will start shipping in July 2007. This new release offers a number of important new features and benefits both to our developer community and our customers:

  • Free SDK
    Developers can now freely download full-featured versions of the Cisco Unified Application Designer, Cisco Unified Application Server and Cisco Unified Media Engine, licensed for development and test purposes only. In addition, we've made it far easier to build a testbed environment that includes Cisco Unified Communications Manager and Cisco IP phones. Visit the Download Page for more information.
  • New System Support
    In addition to its existing support for the 7845 system, we have added support for the 7835, 7825 and 7816 systems, providing a much wider range of price/performance options to customers.
  • New Software Support
    We have added support for the newest version of Cisco Unified Communications Manager - v6.0. We have also added support for Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express. And we now support Cisco Unified Presence, enabling developers to easily incorporate presence into their applications.
  • Commercial Packaging and Pricing
    We now offer versions of the Cisco Unified Application Environment products that are packaged and priced to meet the needs of the commercial market. We have also created two special product bundles specifically for the commercial market. For more information on these products, please refer to the Ordering Guide for the Cisco Unified Application Environment.

Featured Application
Built on Ciscoís powerful Unified Application Environment platform, Radianta's Beacon Office provides a robust suite of communications applications that can be accessed by both phone and desktop interfaces, including paging, intercom, do not disturb, smartpop, dialer, conferencing, emergency alert, call note, timecard, personal queues, and more.

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