Cisco Unified Application Environment


Following are instructions and links to help you get support from the community of developers who use the Cisco Unified Application Environment and from Cisco itself.

Free Support Options

There are two free ways to get support from the community of developers who use the Cisco Unified Application Environment. One is to post questions and to participate in discussions in our developer forum. The other is to use our IRC (Internet Relay Chat) channel. Use the link below for more information on how to access and use these resources.
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Paid Support Options

Join a Developer Services Program

There are two annual developer services program subscriptions you can purchase:

  • The basic developer/customer subscription provides access to case-based support from our dedicated developer engineering staff, as well as API bug tracking reports, developer newsletter and field alerts, access to all SDK/API software and documentation, and case tracking system access. This annual subscription costs US$2,000.
  • You may alternatively subscribe to join the Cisco Technology Developer Program (CTDP) for US$3,500. In addition to the developer benefits listed above, CTDP members also get alpha and beta software, attend developer conferences, and gain access to Cisco business development for relationship management and the coordination of business intiatives.
Get More Information on These Two Programs

To sign up for one of these two programs, please use the link below, and follow the instructions under “2. Subscribe to the program”. You will need to submit a purchase order and a subscription application form. Once these have been submitted, it will take about 2 weeks to get your subscription contract number and instructions for contacting developer support.
Join a Program

Purchase Individual Case Support

We are currently working to set up the ability for developers to purchase individual support cases using a credit card. Each case you open using this method will cost approximately US$300 for the Cisco Unified Application Environment. This option is not yet available. Please check back in September 2007 for more information on this option.

My Tech Support

My Tech Support is available to developers who have joined one of the two Developer Services programs above. My Tech Support offers personalized alerts and tracking for support cases, bugs and security issues, as well as other product and technology information. Use the link below to access My Tech Support. You will need a login and a valid Developer Services program subscription to use this service.
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