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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I watch one show while recording another?
Yes. The Explorer 8300HD has two tuners.

Can the Explorer 8300HD record Dolby Digital 5.1?

Does the Explorer 8300HD require a connection to a phone line or Ethernet connection, similar to the TiVo and Replay personal video recording units?
No, the Explorer 8300HD and DVR application uses the existing coaxial cable connection. No extra phone line or network components are needed.

How much does an individual unit of the Explorer 8300HD DVR cost and how do I order one?
The Explorer 8300HD DVR is not available for retail purchase in the US. It is currently available only through select cable operators on a lease basis. Please contact your local cable company to find out if the Explorer 8300HD is available in your area.

Does the Explorer 8300HD have to be turned on to execute a scheduled recording?
No, it doesn't need to be on, but it must remain plugged into an active electrical outlet.

Why are all of my programs displayed in 1080i format?
You may have selected the Easy Setup mode and the Widescreen (16:9) TV setting in the HDTV Setup Wizard. Choosing these two settings together limits your programming to 1080i format, even on non-HD channels. To see your non-HD programs in 480i on a widescreen HDTV, used the Advanced Setup in the HDTV Setup Wizard. Make sure you select 480i as one of your saved formats, and then select Pass-Through in General Settings: Picture Format for your default picture format.

What happens if my DVR loses power temporarily?
Everything you have recorded is saved, based on the save time you selected in the Confirm Recording screen. Your scheduled recordings during the time the DVR lost power are the only recordings you may miss.

How many channels can I record at one time?
You can record 2 channels at one time. While recording 2 live shows, you can play back one pre-recorded show. Press the green remote LIST button any time to display your recordings available for playback.

Does the cable operator gather information from what I'm watching or from what I'm recording?

Can I record the 1/4 screen video in the Program Guide or the DVR Recorded List?
Yes. You can record the quarter screen on all DVR screens by pressing Record. You can also record the quarter screen in the Program Guide. Press Exit to display the video in full screen, and then press Record. Note: Pressing Record while in the Program Guide will record the highlighted program in the grid.

Can I use PIP while copying a program to my VCR?
When copying a program to a VCR, the PIP can be used only to monitor the progress of the copy status. You cannot use the PIP to watch another program while copying a program to VCR.

If I've been tuned to a program since it started, do I have to rewind to the beginning to record the entire program?
No, if you have been tuned to the program since the beginning, just press RECORD from any point in the program and you will get the entire program. Recording will automatically stop when the program ends.

Do I have to press the remote STOP button to stop recording the program when it ends?
No, the recording will automatically stop based on the program run times you specified on the recording confirmation screen.

Can you play back more than one recording?
No, only one recording can be played back at a time.

How long can I pause Live TV?
You can pause up to one hour. After pausing one hour, the program starts playing one hour behind the Live broadcast point.

Can you time-shift (pause, rewind, fast-forward) the 1/4 screen video on the DVR Recorded List or Program Guide?
Yes, you can press the PAUSE, REWIND or FAST-FORWARD button on your remote to control the 1/4 screen video in the Program Guide or any DVR screen.

How will I know the DVR is almost out of recording space?
When you try to schedule the next recording, a warning appears on the Confirm Recording screen. Also, you can see what percentage of recording space you have used. Press List and then press B for preferences.

Can I automatically "skip ahead" 30 seconds through commercials?
No, AllTouch AT-8400 and 8500 series remote controls do not have a 30-second skip ahead button. However, you can fast forward and rewind at three different speeds -- 4x, 10x and 32x. You can also skip back 8 seconds using the key to the left of the green LIST key for instant replays.

Do Parental Controls carry over to DVR recordings?
Yes, if you block programs by channel or rating in General Settings, those settings are carried over to DVR recordings. For example, if you decide to block all R rated programs in General Settings, the R rated programs will still be recorded, but you cannot play them back until you enter the correct PIN.

How do I block or erase individual recordings in my recorded list or change the save time for the recording?
Highlight the recording on the Recorded List screen, then press Select on the remote control. An Options screen appears for the program you selected.

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  • 160GB hard drive

    Allows recording and storage of up to 90 hours of SD programming or 20 hours of HD programming.*

  • Dual Analog and Digital Service Tuners

    Allows both analog and MPEG-2 digital channels to be tuned and displayed and allows two programs to be display simulataneously using the PIP function. Allows recording of two live programs while watching a third prerecorded show.

  • Analog Component HDTV Outputs

    Provide YPbPr outputs for quick and easy connection to most HDTV sets.

  • YPbPr and Audio Left/Right Cable Kit

    Provides connection from the HD analog component video and audio outputs to the HDTV set

  • Digital Audio Outputs

    Supports digital interconnection with surround sound receivers

  • HDMI 1.0 Digital Audio/Video Output with HDCP Copy Protection

    Provides superior uncompressed digital video and audio quality in a simple, user-friendly connector. HDMI provides the optimal, secure connection to an HDTV set. HDMI is backward compatible with the DVI 1.0 video interfaces using the HDMI-to-DVI converter cable.

  • RF Cable Out

    For composite audio/video connection to a VCR or TV

  • Front Composite Audio/Video Inputs (requires software download)

    Supports interconnection to home consumer devices such as VCRs, camcorders, or digital cameras for video and audio pass-through to the TV

  • External SATA Connector

    External Serial ATA connector provides high-bandwidth connection to an External SATA hard disk drive for expanded storage space for recorded programs. Please contact your cable service provider to confirm support of this feature and to learn which External SATA hard drives can be connected.

* Specifications are subject to change without notice.

* Recording hours depends on the programming source.

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The Explorer 8300HD is a high definition, two-tuner digital video recorder (DVR) that allows you to:

  • Record your favorite programs when you're busy
  • Record one program while watching another
  • Record two live programs while watching a third program you recorded earlier
  • Record and store up to 90 hours of standard-definition programs or up to 20 hours of high-definition programs*
  • Pause live TV for up to 1 hour without missing a minute
  • Use instant replay any time you want
  • Watch two programs at the same time with the Picture-in-Picture feature on any TV you have

* Specifications are subject to change without notice.