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Explorer 8300DVR

Frequently Asked Questions

How far back can I rewind live TV?
The length of time you can rewind live TV depends on how long you have been tuned to a single channel. Each time you change channels, a new copy is automatically stored to the built-in recorder. This copy saves up to the last 1 hour of programming. For example, if you have been watching the same channel for 15 minutes, you can rewind that 15 minutes of the program.

Can I record the quarter screen in the Program Guide or the DVR Recorded List?
Yes, you can record the quarter screen on all DVR screens by pressing Record. You can also record the quarter screen in the Program Guide. Press Exit to display the video in full screen, and then press Record. Note: Pressing Record while in the Program Guide will record the highlighted program in the grid.

Can I record or pause the video in the PIP screen?
Yes, but you must swap it to the Main screen first. After pressing Record and confirming the recording, you can swap it back to the PIP screen and it will continue recording. You can also press PIP On/Off, and the video will continue to record.

If I've been tuned to a program since it started, do I have to rewind to the beginning to record the entire program?
No, if you have been tuned to the program since its beginning, just press Record from any point in the program to record the entire program. Recording will automatically stop when the program ends.

How will I know the DVR is almost out of recording space?
When you try to schedule the next recording, a warning appears on the Confirm Recording screen. Also, you can see what percentage of recording space you have used. Press List and then press B for preferences.

Can you play back more than one recording?
No, you cannot play back more than one recording at a time.

What happens if my DVR loses power temporarily?
Everything you have recorded is saved, based on the save time you selected in the Confirm Recording screen. Your scheduled recordings during the time the DVR lost power are the only recordings you may miss.

Do my Parental Controls in the Program Guide carry over to DVR recordings?
Yes. If you block programs by channel or rating in the General Settings menu, those settings are carried over to DVR recordings. For example, if you decide to block all R-rated programs in the General Settings menu, the R-rated programs will still be recorded, but you cannot play them back until you enter the correct PIN.

How do I block or erase individual recordings in my recorded list or change the save time for the recording?
Highlight the recording on the Recorded List screen, and press Select on the remote control. An Options screen appears for the program you selected.

Explorer 8300DVR


  • 80GB Hard Drive

    Allows recording and storage of up to 50* hours of SD programming.

  • Dual Analog and Digital Service Tuners

    Allows both analog and MPEG-2 digital channels to be tuned and displayed and allows two programs to be displayed simultaneously using the picture-in-picture function. Allows recording of two live programs while watching a third prerecorded show.

  • DAVIC Reverse Path Data Transmitter

    Enables IP-based, real-time, two-way communication between the Explorer 8300 Series DVR and the cable service provider's headend. So you can update program guides and get relevant information without using a phone line, as well as use interactive services such as xOD (anything-On-Demand), VOD, and subscription VOD (where available).

  • MPEG-2 MP@ML Standard Definition Digital Video Decompression

    Allows excellent quality video resolution (640 x 480).

  • Dolby Digital Audio and MPEG-1 Audio Support

    Supports leading digital audio standards.

  • Front Composite Audio/Video Inputs (requires software download)

    Supports interconnection to home consumer devices such as VCRs, camcorders, or digital cameras for video and audio pass-through to the TV.

  • External SATA Connector

    External Serial ATA connector provides high-bandwidth connection to an External SATA hard disk drive for expanded storage space for recorded programs. Please contact your cable service provider to confirm support of this feature and to learn which External SATA hard drives can be connected.

* Specifications are subject to change without notice.

* Recording hours depends on the programming source.

Explorer 8300DVR


The Explorer 8300 is a standard-definition two-tuner DVR and cable box in one that allows you to:

  • Control live TV - If the phone rings during your favorite live show, just press Pause on the remote control. The show will stay paused for up to one hour. Press Play to resume the show whenever you are ready.
  • Use Instant Replay whenever you want - If you missed the winning play or want to see that scene again, just press Instant Replay to see what you missed.
  • Broaden your choices - Now you can record one program and change channels to watch another program at the same time. In fact, you can record two programs airing simultaneously. And while recording the two programs, you can watch a third, pre-recorded program at the same time.
  • Pre-set the Explorer 8000 DVR to record all episodes of a TV program for you.
  • Create your own personalized video library of favorite TV shows - play them back at any time.
  • Display two programs on-screen simultaneously - whether they're two live programs or one live and one recorded program - using the picture-in-picture feature, regardless of the brand of your TV.