Cisco Explorer 4200

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Explorer 4200

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Explorer 4200


  • Integrated DOCSIS Cable Modem

    Allows subscribers to use interactive services like Video-on-Demand and Subscription Video-on-Demand, as well as Internet access, where available

  • AC-3 Digital Audio and MPEG-1 Audio Support

    Supports leading digital audio standards

  • Enhanced Graphics Engine

    Displays up to 65,000 colors simultaneously and enables high-resolution 640 x 480 graphics - including a scaled video image - in the interactive program guide

  • Analog and Digital Service Tuner

    Allows both analog and MPEG-2 digital channels to be tuned and displayed

  • Universal Serial Bus (USB) Interfaces

    Optional front panel USB port and standard back panel USB port allow easy interconnection with home consumer devices, such USB keyboards and printers

  • Ethernet 10BaseT Interface

    Optional rear panel port supports interconnection to Ethernet-controlled devices such as PCs and wireless transceivers

  • BTSC/SAP Decoder

    Provides stereo sound on analog channels through the baseband left and right outputs

  • S/PDIF Digital Audio Output

    Supports interconnection with surround sound receivers

  • Integrated VCR Commander Service

    Automates the recording of selected video programs on your VCR; requires IR Blaster Cable

* Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Explorer 4200


The Explorer 4200 is a standard-definition home gateway set-top that allows you to:

  • Watch high quality digital and analog standard-definition (SD) programming
  • Use video-on-demand and subscription video-on-demand services, where available
  • Browse the Internet, send and receive email and use real-time chat services, where available