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What is Visual Networking?

What is visual networking? The following is an overview of visual networking: what it means, the impact it has, and how you can join in the fun now.

What is Visual Networking?

Visual networking is where streaming video, high-speed networks, and interactivity come together to give you a richer experience. Using video to communicate, share or receive information over the Internet—that's visual networking.

What is Visual Networking?: Where Web 2.0 Meets High-Def Video

Visual networking combines social networking with high-def video. It is video chat, video on demand, video messaging, online video, Internet TV, and so much more.

What is Visual Networking?: The Impact

With visual networking, you're a participant, not a passive viewer. Because communications are visual, the experience between people is more immersive, more immediate, more engaging.

What is Visual Networking?: Communities

Visual networking is ultimately about connecting people, ideas and passions. Participants create, share or comment on video for the benefit of others in their communities of shared interest (such as Facebook groups).

What is Visual Networking?: How it Evolved

Visual networking evolved from several trends:

  • The growing popularity of sharing and commenting on user-generated Internet videos
  • Broadband Internet access is now affordable and widely available in many countries
  • Many Webcams, pocket-sized high-def camcorders, and compact digital cameras with video recording cost under $200 and are easy to operate
  • Web sites enabling consumers to communicate in video are proliferating.

What is Visual Networking?: How to Participate

There are many ways to participate in visual networking today. A few examples:

  • Many Web sites feature high-quality videos in which experts answer your questions and demonstrate do-it-yourself solutions
  • Instead of blogging in words, you can video blog with a Webcam
  • Share real-time, streaming video with friends using your cell phone's video recorder
  • Cable TV providers now offer a host of non-movie related content on demand (such as exercise videos and cooking descriptions)
  • When planning a trip, you can view user-generated, high-quality videos of destinations, video trip blogs, travel sites, or share your own
  • Share, rate, and tag videos you create or watch on social networking sites.

The Possibilities of Visual Networking

Visual network is still in its infancy. Soon, you'll be able to interact with others visually in even more profound, compelling ways. Imagine the impact of a video chat with distant loved ones on the flat-panel, high-definition TV in your living room, and you'll begin to see the possibilities of visual networking.

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