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Internet TV: Immersed in Online Entertainment

Internet TV. Does the term bring to mind an amateur video of a dog playing a piano? If so, you've not fully experienced Internet TV.

Imagine this instead: An immersive video experience, in which high-definition video is delivered via the Internet to your home computer. From there, it's streamed wirelessly to your entertainment system or to TVs in any room of your home.

Internet TV isn't just Hollywood movies and TV programs. It's your own home videos, too, as well as online videos—including the piano-playing dog—all streaming throughout your house without wires.

Defining Internet TV

So what exactly is Internet TV? Just about any video production that's streamed or downloaded online falls under the Internet TV umbrella.

  • YouTube videos
  • Videos streamed from Netflix and other sources
  • Downloaded movies, TV programs, and video podcasts
  • On-demand programs offered by your cable TV provider
  • Videos you create with your camcorder or cell phone, and that you share with others over the Internet or stream to devices on your home network

Taking Entertainment to the Next Level

Internet TV is still in its infancy. Before long, you'll be able to have some pretty amazing experiences. You'll be able to have video chats with your friends and family on your living room flat-panel TV. Or shoot a video with your camcorder and stream it live to TVs throughout your connected home.

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