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Digital Video Recorder: Fast-Forwarding to the Next Level

Digital video recorder technology gives you control over what you watch and when. But the digital video recorder you know and love is evolving.

For years, cable TV set-top boxes have pumped programming into homes. More recently, digital video recorder technology is often built into set-top boxes, adding the convenience of easily scheduled program recordings and playback.

Traditionally, the set-top box has only been connected to your cable provider's system. And your home network's job has been primarily to connect your computers to the Internet.

Imagine what would happen if you combine a cable TV set-top box/digital video recorder with your home network.

The Connected Digital Video Recorder

Video doesn't have to be an isolated experience on the living room TV or bedroom. A digital video recorder/cable TV set-top box connected to your home network could spread your video content around the house. This feature is known as "whole Home DVR", the ability to access anything stored on the DVR in any room of the house.

In the near future, the connected digital video recorder/set-top box will record high-def TV shows and movies, allow you to download and stream video from the Internet for playback on your TV, and wirelessly beam these videos to compatible devices, including TVs and handhelds.

With a connected DVR, you'll be able to watch any recorded video program on any TV, with pause, forward, rewind, parental restrictions, and other controls. The connected DVR will also let you remotely schedule program recordings and create interactive program guides tailored to your interests.

DVR and Home Networking Solutions

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