Cisco Capital Asia Pacific

Trimax financed by Cisco Capital

Cisco Capital supports Trimax in meeting its objectives and key milestones, and ensure financing was never a roadblock.

Trimax financed by Cisco Capital
Trimax financed by Cisco Capital

Overview Brochure

Cisco Capital Overview (customer)
This brochure provides an overview of Cisco Capital, the financing structures available as well as the benefits Cisco Capital can offer organizations.


Ten Good Reasons to Consider Financing (customer)
Financing provides significant business benefits to companies of all sizes. Here are ten good reasons to consider a flexible financing solution from Cisco Capital.

Ten Good Reasons to Offer Financing to your Customers (partner)
In today's business environment, your customers need to decide not only WHAT to buy but HOW to buy. Here are ten good reasons why you should offer financing to your customers.

Sales Enablement

Steps to success
Putting financing at the heart of your deals is as rewarding for your customer as it is for you. Use these steps to show customers the unmissable benefits on offer.

How to sell financing successfully
Financing helps you increase the size of the deal, build deeper customer relationships that secure sales now and into the future and preserve discount levels.

How to handle customer objections successfully
Financing can overcome two of the most common sales objections: affordability and lack of budget. Your customers may have a number of objections to financing but here are some answers to help you close the deal.

Cisco Capital financing solutions
We provide financing options for every Cisco technology and architecture and tailor them to suit each customer’s needs. This guide will help you talk to your customers about their financing challenges and which Cisco Capital solution will best meet their needs.

Offer Brochures

Cisco Capital Easy Pay
Cisco Digital Network Architecture is an open and extensible, software-driven architecture that accelerates and simplifies your enterprise network operations. Cisco Capital Easy Pay can make this transition as easy as possible with no upfront costs and predictable monthly payments. Customers pay 90% of the total over a three-year period that is completely interest free.
This offer is available to customers in Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore and Thailand.

Cisco Capital Easy Pay Partner Process document
Cisco Capital Easy Pay Partner slides

Cisco Capital Open Pay
Pay per use variable consumption model for both Cisco Unified Computing System and select converged infrastructure storage, providing extra capacity for peak demand periods.

Customers enter into an agreement for the entire solution but pay a fixed charge for the committed portion only. Additional buffer capacity is provided for which customers are billed on a predetermined price-per-unit basis only if the buffer is used. Cisco monitors usage daily and the customer is billed on a quarterly basis.

Cisco Capital Open Pay Partner Process document
Cisco Capital Open Pay Partner slides

Cisco easylease (ANZ) (customer)
Simplified application procedures and processes, and lower funding minimums for customers in the Commercial and SMB segments.

Cisco easylease customer website

Cisco easylease partner website


Cisco Capital offers the most competitive and flexible financing to acquire Cisco technologies. We deliver financing solutions designed to support our customers' business goals and technology needs both now and in the future. Find out more about our vertical solutions and how to invest in the future. If you should need any of these videos for events, or other publication purposes, please contact us Email directly stating purpose of use, placement and duration of use:



The Internet of Everything brings together people, process, data, and things to make connectivity more relevant and valuable than ever before.. Cisco Capital allows educational institutes maximize budgets to deliver operational efficiency, and secured, unified experiences. K-12 and higher education institutions are challenged with higher costs and shrinking budgets. Government support is disappearing, as is support from the private sector, learn how we can help.



The Internet of Everything provides critical information where and when caregivers need it to improve care and increase efficiency. Rising costs and strict mandates to improve patient safety and quality of care place serious economic constraints on the modern healthcare industry, find out how Cisco Capital can work with you.



Amazing things happen when you connect the unconnected. We're empowering the manufacturing sector to connect in engaging ways today to make all of that happen tomorrow. Cisco Capital helps customers create and expand into new markets or services by freeing up capital.

Public Sector

Public Sector

The public sector is operating in a rapidly changing world of regulatory shifts, increasing urbanization, and the lingering effects of the financial crisis. To cut costs and improve services, public sector organizations need to deploy the latest technologies.

Financial Services Industry


Amid fast-changing market conditions, financial services companies face evolving regulations, increasing customer demands, and competitive pressure to fund continuous technology innovation.