Collaborate in the Cloud

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Collaborate in the Cloud

Achieve Your Competitive Edge - Collaborate in the Cloud

In today’s competitive business environment, being able to collaborate cross-functionally and connect globally within and beyond the enterprise walls is critical. Organizations are continuously seeking the competitive advantage of a complete cloud-based meeting service that helps them make decisions faster, improve productivity, and optimize cost savings.

They want more agility, greater flexibility, and the ability to integrate from a larger number of sources, such as presence, messaging, text, voice, and video.

Collaborating in the Cloud , a study by “Forbes Insights” in association with Cisco, sheds more light on this topic. A critical finding of the survey: greater experience with cloud-based collaboration tools and strategies can lead to a more positive view of their value. Optimized collaboration leads to better performance and cloud is the most effective means of using collaborative technologies.

Within a year, 40% of all organizations that use cloud will have implemented a cloud-based collaboration solution. Cisco offers both premises- and cloud-based collaboration solutions.

Cisco Collaboration Meeting Rooms are an innovative cloud conferencing strategy that helps customers manage flexible hybrid environments and connect multiple clouds together. From browser to boardroom, Collaboration Meeting Rooms offer the competitive advantage organizations want. For more details visit