Cisco Tactical Operations

Cisco Tactical Operations

The Cisco Tactical Operations team mobilizes and responds to crises by providing emergency communications.

Helping Customers During Crises

The Cisco Tactical Operations (TacOps) team can quickly deploy to support the acute phase of emergencies that affect communications. The team establishes IP-based communications for:

  • First responders
  • Government agencies
  • Relief organizations
  • Others who require mission-critical connectivity to respond effectively

TacOps manages the Cisco Disaster Incident Response Team (DIRT) and provides on-the-ground support using advanced Cisco technology and rapidly deployable satellite-based networks:

TacOps also supports innovation and research in emergency communications by working with the global disaster technology community to develop standards and long-term solutions leveraging the latest network-centric technologies and applications.

When a major emergency such as an earthquake or hurricane strikes, response organizations require immediate communications support to save lives, establish relief operations and provide ongoing assistance in affected communities.

Response agencies supporting a catastrophic emergency can request assistance by the following methods:

Uniquely Trained

The Cisco TacOps team comprises expert networking, radio communications, and systems engineers along with logistics and operations coordinators.

Members of Cisco TacOps and the employee-volunteer Disaster Incident Response Team (DIRT):

  • Are trained in the U.S. National Incident Management System (NIMS) and Incident Command System (ICS)
  • Participate in large-scale exercises to validate technology solutions and train alongside other responders

Uniquely Equipped

TacOps specializes in emergency networks that support the immediate needs of rescue, law enforcement and security, and humanitarian assistance teams. TacOps can also support traditional enterprise and service provider networks.

TacOps maintains many resources that are ready to deploy immediately, including:

  • Cisco Network Emergency Response Vehicles (NERVs)
  • Satellite-equipped support vehicles
  • Fly-away networking kits that can be shipped or carried by hand

A geographically dispersed network unites all these resources so that TacOps can easily scale the response based on needs on the ground.

Uniquely Supported

The team's humanitarian relief operations are provided through the overall Cisco Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program. To ensure delivery of high-quality expertise and equipment around the globe, TacOps operates in collaboration with the other Cisco crisis support functions, including:

The following are just a few recent TacOps deployments:

  • Earthquake, Nepal - 2015
  • Cyclone Pam, Vanuatu - 2015
  • Ebola virus crisis, West Africa - 2014/2015
  • King Fire, CA 2014
  • Carlton Complex Fire, WA 2014
  • Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda), Philippines - 2013
  • Tornado, Moore OK - 2013
  • Fertilizer Plant Explosion, West TX - 2013
  • Hurricane Sandy, NY and NJ - 2012
  • Waldo Canyon Fire, CO - 2012
  • Famine, Horn of Africa - 2011
  • Earthquake/Tsunami, Japan - 2011
  • Floods, Brazil - 2011
  • Floods, Queensland Australia - 2011
  • Earthquakes, Christchurch New Zealand - 2010/2011
  • Gas Pipeline Explosion, San Bruno CA - 2010
  • Earthquake, Port-au-Prince, Haiti - 2010
  • Fiber Cut, San Francisco Bay Area, CA - 2009
  • Hurricane Gustav LA, Hurricane Ike TX - 2008
  • Floods, Cedar Rapids IA - 2008
  • Evans Road Fire, NC - 2008
  • Firestorm, San Diego CA - 2007
  • Hurricane Katrina, LA - 2005

In order to build networking and emergency communications solutions for public safety or crisis support, please engage the Cisco TacOps team. TacOps provides years of in-the-field knowledge and subject-matter expertise, and can work alongside your existing Cisco Advisory Services or Cisco channel partner. TacOps can provide guidance on everything from emergency communications kits, crisis communication tools and mobile command and communications vehicles.

Customized Solutions

The TacOps team first gains a thorough understanding of your operational requirements, then develops the architecture and solution set to support them. TacOps works on projects as varied as:

  • Development of mobile command vehicles
  • Creation of satellite-based networking kits to support telemedicine in remote parts of the developing world
  • Participation in a collaborative working group on Disaster Response Management Applications

Cisco TacOps is committed to identifying and supporting emerging technologies and solutions relevant to crisis response.

Awareness and Advocacy

One significant challenge is not knowing what current and emerging network-based technologies can accomplish in an emergency. TacOps presents "the art of the possible" at industry conferences and through direct engagement with response agencies, legislative bodies, and nongovernmental and other organizations.

Support of Industry Forums and Standards Bodies

Cisco TacOps actively participates in several organizations that promote cooperation between private and public-sector organizations, disaster relief effort coordination, and technical standards bodies.

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