We engage with global stakeholders to identify emerging issues and evaluate our CSR performance. Our latest CSR reporting provides additional information on managing CSR at Cisco, Cisco and Citizenship

Managing Corporate Social Responsibility at Cisco

At Cisco, CSR practices are governed through a partnership between the Sustainable Business Practices (SBP) organization and affected business functions.  SBP provides stakeholder feedback to the management team, as well as guidance on potential environmental, social and governance (ESG) and employee-related initiatives. 

Illustrations of our CSR business process include:

  1. Classic business and CSR goals are becoming integrated as Cisco shareholders factor both financial and non-financial issues into their investment decisions.
  2. Cross-functional collaboration allows for greater business impact by actively engaging diverse points of view and incorporating CSR objectives into each affected business functions’ business processes.  Our recently established Cisco EcoBoard provides a good example of how cross-functional collaboration makes an impact. 
  3. Collaboration at the industry level is vital to understanding and effectively addressing emerging CSR issues and concerns.  We actively participate in various CSR working groups, such as GeSI, EICC, and CSR Europe
  4. Cisco also actively engages with global organizations that encourage cooperative engagements among corporations, governments and other stakeholders to proactively address global CSR issues.  These include the United Nations Global Compact, Global Reporting Initiative, Clinton Global Initiative, World Economic Forum, United Nations Millennium Development Goals, and  United Nations Declaration of Human Rights.

To provide comments on Cisco’s CSR or sustainable business practices, please send us an email.

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