"Experience the Cisco Data Center: a Virtual Tour" takes you inside the walls of Cisco's production data center in San Jose for a first-hand look at the networks, equipment, people, and processes that make up this global operations hub. Hosted by Cisco IT Architect and Data Center Manager Douglas Alger, the video is divided into segments ranging from 2 to 5 minutes in length. In addition to an overview of this video series, segments include:

  • Servers and Storage Cisco IT has made great strides with server and storage virtualization, resulting in significant utilization increases, space efficiencies, and cost savings and avoidance.
  • Networking An overview of the logical and physical elements in the Cisco data center network including how equipment, such as cabling, is arranged for maximum efficiency and the configuration of logical elements in the distribution, access, and services layers
  • Operations Management Inside the Cisco Operations Command Center are some of the processes and unified communications equipment IT uses to resolve and monitor incident, problem, and change management globalwide.
  • Deployment Before equipment is migrated into the Cisco data center network, it is received and tested in the Build Room, a lab environment that simulates the connectivity and usability of the data center without impacting the actual network.
  • Physical Risk Management Installation and remote monitoring of physical infrastructure components, such as fire detection and suppression systems and standby generator and backup power, help to protect critical equipment and applications in the Cisco data center.
  • Service-Oriented Data Center In the Cisco IT service-oriented data center, processes and technology give IT maximum flexibility to provision services quickly and efficiently globalwide. This overview describes the four phases of implementing a service-oriented data center.
  • Future of the Data Center The Cisco next-generation data center not only accommodates long-term capacity requirements but incorporates virtualization and other technologies that enhance IT's ability to respond quickly to the company's changing business needs.