With internal deployment of Cisco WebEx Social, the Cisco Enterprise Collaboration Platform Business Unit (ECP BU) developing the new collaboration platform faced a common imperative: It needed to accelerate time to market and time to revenue generation. This case study describes how the Cisco ECP BU used the Cisco WebEx Social enterprise social platform to form a working community and integrate their work processes, resulting in tangible business benefits and productivity and communication improvements in the product development process.

By enabling collaboration across the group and decreasing process latency, the ECP BU improved productivity and access to expertise, both of which were necessary for accelerating time to market. WebEx Social enabled new levels of individual and group innovation, because time was freed up through collaboration ease. WebEx Social's enhanced visibility facilitated faster, collective problem resolution and rapid, informed, mission-critical, and daily decision-making.

Among the benefits the group realized with WebEx Social:

  • Time to market decreased to 12 months versus 2 to 3 years
  • Average 12 percent productivity gain daily per employee, translating to US$2.9 million savings per year
  • Enhanced cross-functional visibility and communication; 6-month release cycle versus 3 years for competitors.

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