IBSG produces a series of thought leadership books covering top of mind issues for a range of industry sectors. Each book sets out a Cisco perspective on the sector and contains a collection of essays from the world's leading CXOs, innovators and visionaries. The books contain fascinating snapshots of how these innovators are transforming their organisations and driving industry change, through business process innovation and the application of advanced technologies.

Written for senior business leaders, the Connected Series books can be downloaded or ordered in hard copy format and are free of charge.

Connected Real Estate

Connected Real Estate (PDF 6.56 MB)  Order Copies | Visit Real Estate practice.
A pivotal feature of today's most innovative and valuable real estate is connectivity—the ability to facilitate intercommunication and interaction among buildings and digital infrastructures. Connected Real Estate contains viewpoints and advice from many of the real estate and construction industry's most innovative players from around the world.

Connected Manufacturing

Connected Manufacturing (PDF 1.4 MB)  Order Copies | Visit Manufacturing practice.
Manufacturing industries face unprecedented challenges. New competitors are emerging from countries such as China and India; incumbent companies are beginning to reap benefits from global supply chains; and customers are demanding customized products. To survive, manufacturers must reduce costs by standardizing processes and products globally, while responding flexibly to the needs of customers regionally.

Connected Transportation

Connected Transportation (PDF 2.3 MB)  Order copies | Visit Transportation practice.
Everyone depends on transportation, taking it largely for granted. Yet, demand for services in today's complex, $3 trillion transportation industry is far outstripping supply. In addition, traditional strategies such as building more infrastructure and restricting usage are no longer sustainable. In this book, several leaders and visionaries from different segments of the transportation industry discuss how to meet the challenge of this escalating demand.

Connected Workforce

Connected Workforce (PDF 1.3 MB)  (Available for download only.) | Visit SP Mobile practice.
Mobility has been critical to man's survival since the beginning of history. The collection of essays in this book brings together the views of senior business leaders and renowned market innovators on how mobility is changing their business practices and shaping our future.

Connected Government

Connected Government (PDF 1.4 MB)  (Available for download only.) | Visit Public Sector practice.
This book, consisting of 14 essays from national governments, is about the concept of Connected Government and. examines the issues involved in developing and implementing compelling national e-government strategies. It explores the Connected Government strategy which is built on six pillars: citizen centricity, standardized common infrastructure, back-office reorganization, governance, new organizational model, and social inclusion.

Connected Homes

Connected Homes (PDF 1.7 MB)  Order copies.
The communications industry is undergoing massive change, and nowhere is this more evident than in the arena of consumer broadband. Virtually every service provider is attempting to capture this still-nascent but exploding market from incumbents, alternative service providers, and cable and satellite operators to mobile and Internet portals. This selection of essays provides a look at the forces that are shaping the consumer broadband market, with the goal of helping service providers adapt to and profit from this opportunity.

Connected Schools

Connected Schools (PDF 1.5 MB)  Order copies | Visit Education practice.
We live in a Knowledge Society, where connectivity delivers information at unprecedented speeds, in multiple formats and creates opportunities for new partnerships. In this exciting age education is the prime driver for economic growth, peace and prosperity. Connected Schools demonstrates how governments across the world have realised the need to focus resources on the evolution of their educational systems, and have used new technology and the Internet to drive change.

Connected Health

Connected Health (PDF 1.9 MB)  (Available for download only.) | Visit PS Healthcare practice
Health is a topic that is consistently debated and the highest priority on the agenda of citizens, public servants, and nations. The advent of the internet and communication technologies is changing the way we provide care. This intellectually stretching collection of essays highlights the drivers for changing the way information is used to deliver better, faster, lower cost healthcare-and describes real-world experience.

Connected Cities

Connected Cities (PDF 5.4 MB)  (Available for download only.) | Visit Public Sector practice
The ideas explored in Connected Cities chart the emergence of a political and economic phenomenon-the city as the new connected republic of the 21st Century. Simon Willis, Global Head of eGovernment for the Internet Business Solutions Group at Cisco Systems, has collated essays that show how different cities, at the cutting edge of the process, are grappling with the various stages of connectivity.